The proof copy of my book came!

Published August 1, 2012 by Sandee

I was worried that the proof copy of my book would look shoddy.  I thought the cover artwork would be washed out, but it’s a very good-looking book.  My flimsy free phone camera doesn’t capture the beauty so I didn’t post pictures — the above is just the art from the Create Space site.  I have to read it to make sure everything’s there.  They did omit the page numbers, which is weird.  Mean-Spirited Tales is a hefty book.  It’s 6×9 and about 300 pages, and mauve — I hope men don’t mind reading it.  As part of my guerilla marketing plan I’ll read it on all the city subway lines, making sure people see the cover.  I’ll squint and turn the pages thoughtfully.  Really loud I’ll say, “This book is…it’s amazing!”

A thought.  I could peddle my book on the train.  People make good money selling stuff on there I had heard.  “Git ya copy a Mean-Spirited Tales heah!”   From a tray supported by two straps on my shoulders, I’d pick up books to hurl at passengers waving money at me from the other end of the car.  A portable credit card machine might work.  I’d wear an I Love New York visor — oh and I’d have a  cigar butt dangling from my mouth.  Gotta keep it real yo!

53 comments on “The proof copy of my book came!

  • Well, Ms. Mean Spirited Mauvey Tales from Death Metal,
    How cool is that? How hip is that? Your book is in print – just a breath away! I wish I had a kindle but I’m going to do what I always say we should do – and that is, support individuals making art. This is a very creative generation and we all deserve to be acknowledged and dare I say it, paid. Especially, you Sandee, who actually finished your project! You didn’t do something a lot of people do – get so caught up in ‘analysis’ of their work they get ‘paralysis’ nor did you edit yourself to death. So proud to know you. I love reading your stuff.
    Bon voyage! Bon adventure. A new chapter has started in your life. xoxo

  • Looks fantastic, Sandee. I love your marketing concept/blast campaign. I think you have something there and you should absolutely pursue it. Could you add a little player that playfully sings out death metal or do the trains have a sound restriction? I think some now are “quiet cars” yes? You definitely need the portable credit card machine.

    Been meaning to ask you — did you do the artwork of the girl for you book and for your website? I really love it. It’s cool and artsy, two things that I really dig because well, it’s two things that I am.

    And you too, apparently. Congrats, Sandee!!!

    • Thanks Brigitte! I may make a Youtube video with death metal in the background.

      My Granny made the artwork for the cover — it’s her painting with computer effects on it. I’m glad you like it — I always like getting feedback.

  • congrats!!!!
    you are my twisted rocking hero!
    p.s. if you still want to read my old stuff, I would be happy to give you access to my blog. I made it private for crybaby reasons… 🙂 just go to my site and request access. if not, no biggie!!

  • woot woot…we have the same type of thinking. I love it. As soon as my book is ready…TRAIN, 14th street, Columbus Circle hear I come…of course girl, you must get the swipe money app. 🙂 crucial, we got to get out there. 🙂

  • Sandee, you’re frigging cool! This is gonna be a movie soon. I seriously hope I’ll run into you in a sub somewhere, with a dangling butt and a portable credit card machine 🙂 Congrats a bunch and lots of love.

  • Yay!!! Congrats! Sorry I’m late seeing this, trying to keep up with moving and sick family member in ICU and the list goes on and now I’m feeling bad that I’m so behind!
    It’s fantastic… you can actually hold it in your hand, it must feel amazing! 🙂
    Love the cover and it looks really professional too 🙂
    Have a book launch party.. go on I double dog dare you!!! LOL I’ll come I’m only on LI not too far away! lmao 🙂

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