My favorite parts of the movie The Devil’s Advocate

Published July 28, 2012 by Sandee

I thought I’d write about The Devil’s Advocate after watching it yesterday then changed my mind.  “Nobody’ll give a shit,” I thought.  But then Brigitte mentioned the movie in her post, which is a sign from God.  So, here are my highlights from the movie:

[sing along everyone]

Romans 16:19 says!
Romans 16:19 says!

Be excellent in what is good
Be innocent of e-veel
Be excellent in what is good
Be innocent of e-veel

[still singin’?]

And the God of Peace will soon crush Sa-tan
God will crush him underneath your feet!
And the God of Peace will soon crush Sa-tan
God will crush him underneath your feeeeeeet!

In this scene, the church folk sing this little ditty.  A pudgy black woman dolled up in her Sunday best, looks so adorable.  She’s singing, clapping moving side to side.  She wears a white bow in her hair.  She reminds me of a little girl telling the devil, “You’re gonna get it good!”

I always sing along when I watch this movie.  I like the God of peace will soon crush Satan part best – that’s when I shake my finger at the Devil.  For the next few days after watching, I sing the song, to myself, out loud, while walking up the hill to the bus on my way home from work, letting out the farts that I had to hold in all day.  Coworkers pass in their cars, “Sandee, want a ride up the hill?”  “No, that’s okay.  I’ve got to, decompress,” I say – hehehe.

This next part I like in the movie is the Devil’s speech which gets to me because it’s so darned true if you really think about it.  Tell me if you don’t feel the same way after watching it!  The devil says he’s a humanist.  How about that?  This scene makes me want to stand up in the pews and testify – tell it Devil!

This next scene is a girl on the witness stand talking about a game she’s played with her friends called Special Places.  “Is this game sexual in nature?”  The defense lawyer (played by Keanu Reeves) asks.  The young girl whimpers, “Yes.”

I’m like “What?!”  Special Places!  That sounds haawwwt.  With roiling hot adolescents?  This game never made it to my playground.  When we were adolescents we played True Dare Consequences Promise or Repeat.  Special Places gets to the point if you know what I mean.  How many special places do you have?  True Dare was all over the gaddam place.  We kept it focused though.  Everyone always chose Dare.  It was I dare you to tongue kiss this one, or I dare you to put your hand down that one’s pants – eeeevery once in a blue moon it might be I dare you to f-u-c-k somebody – I neee-ver ever did that.  But I heard Judy Head-Blesser did!

In this last part the Devil says that on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most depraved act of sexual theater known to man, he got it on with Mary Ann at about seven — whooooa!  But this is the Devil.  He should’ve been able to get up to ten — at least.


28 comments on “My favorite parts of the movie The Devil’s Advocate

  • Auntie Sandor,
    I’d like to read your post about Biutiful. And a transvestite helping an old man getting into an elevator while listening to Air Supply. Please.
    Le Clown

  • As soon as I saw the title of your post I knew it had been inspired by Brigitte’s post. 🙂

    I’ve never liked Al Pacino so I feel sad that he sort of ruined the movie for me. If he had been played by someone else I would have enjoyed it a lot more. But you’re right, you’d think he’d have enough game to reach a 10, for sure.

  • Sandee– ha! Thanks for the mention, girl. One of my favorite scenes is after the Devil makes this speech (and I think AP did a great job here, although he does have a tendency to “over-act” sometimes) and Keanu Reeves was just about to cave and he asks the evil redheaded woman, “What about love?” She kind of avoids his eyes and then AP (Devil) says something like, “Overrated, the same feeling comes from eating large quantities of chocolate). THAT’s when Keanu gets it. And good trumps evil. LOVED it, then of course we see at the very end, “evil” back trying to tempt. But yeah, you’d think he would have done better than a seven, huh? (p.s. I never knew the words to that song and I can just see you singing it.) :).

    • I love it when someone else gets what I get! I always thought that scene when Keanu Reeves asks about love was so subtle and cool, a great demonstration of someone without a soul, someone empty, what someone who’s sold their sold to the Devil so-to-speak might be like. It’s a bit chilling. Yeah, AP does overact in this scene. Mme. Weebles wondered who might have played it better, someone meaner, hotter — I’m still working on that one! And at the end with the reporter I like the suggestion that the Devil never sleeps, there will always be angles he’ll try. I’m so glad you gave this movie a shout-out!

  • Your name and comment grabbed my attention on another blog; I come here and what do I find? A post dedicated to one of my favorite movies, that I just watched last weekend with my little sister for about the 47th time, aforesaid movie starring my #1 of 5 fantasy boyfriends, Mr Keanu Reeves. Is my immediate follow of you any mystery? Obviously, I was meant to find you!

    Love your writing style!

  • My friend loves singing that song!!!! He always thought they were saying “Romans 16 19:10” I’ll have to tell him he’s had it wrong for years.

  • Do you know the name of the music piece at the beginning of the movie where Mary Ann and husband (K. Reeves) are flying into NYC from Gainesville, FLA? It shows the view of NYC from the airplane…I can’t find the name of that music anywhere…thanks for any info! 🙂

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