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  • Sandee Harris is a death metal enthusiast who writes from Manhattan. Her book of “mean-spirited tales” is available on Amazon Kindle. Click link here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007AHTJ4Y. She was born in Harlem Hospital, wrote her first story when she was nine, and studied writing at Columbia University. Her collection of work includes a novel, several short stories, and a screenplay. β€˜The Best Daaaamn Yogurt’, is a screenplay about a pseudo French Canadian gremlin that she hopes her brother, a filmmaker, might take on as a project. The screenplay is one of three of her homages to the death metal genre. β€˜Sometimes I Want to Die’, the story that she wrote when she was nine, reveals the morbid essence in her youth that eventually lead her to the dark genre of music. ‘Night Terrors’ is her first published piece featured in the Mensa literary magazine Calliope.

    • Hey Sandee! Just got your message. Thanks so very much for asking for my permission. Of course you can use a copy of the strawberry cake photo. I’m not one of these people who claim ownership of photos etc. Its a photo for goodness sake. Go for it! Let me know if you ever make it. Would love to know what you thought. Thanks again!

      Anne @ Domesblissity (in Australia)

      • Anne you don’t know how happy this makes me!!! I just screamed ‘Yes!’ when I saw this. I will definitely credit you on the photo. Thanks so very very much for getting back to me so soon. I will definitely tell you how the cake comes out! Have a great day Anne!

  • That’s not it. It is because your writing needs nothing added to it. Your posts are well-written, funny, to-the-point, interesting, intelligent.
    Maybe that didn’t sound stupid after all.

  • I am adding you to my blogroll. Don’t worry. Nobody clicks on those links anyway. But I thought I’d let you know. Your keen snark and fresh take on life belongs in the right-hand column of my blog.

  • Blogging is the weirdest experience…I’ve seen you around, we seem to like the same people…now I need to buy your book, to follow you all over the place.

    I should have known I’d love a sword-chinned bitch! How could I not!


    • That lights up my day! Thanks so much Dawn! I read through your blog yesterday and said I’d come back and hit follow today — I think I’d shut the computer off before I thought to do that. Thanks again — and have a great day!

    • I have three death metal stations on Pandora — Mortician, Obituary and Nocturnal Dominion stations — which shuffle through quite a few different groups but I’m not familiar with All Shall Perish. I am definitely going to check them out now! I’ve been threatening lately to post a youtube video by Summoning called Moondance — I’ve really been feeling that one lately.

  • Hi Sandee,
    Thanks for passing by, having a read and ticking that ‘Like’ button.
    I like what you’ve done with your Blog….very unique. πŸ™‚

  • Hell yeah. Wish your book was available for Nook, not just Kindle. Any chance of that?

    Seems we’re potential kindred spirits: grew up on the 60’s, live(d) in NYC, enjoy dark humor and belong to Mensa. You know the only reason I scratch up the cash to renew membership every year? Love reading the literary offerings from members in the regular Mensa magazine and Calliope.
    Am off to hang out with Bill W now.
    Thanks for sharing your work. Made my morning.

    • Aw thanks Rachael — I thank you for wanting to support my book! I must tell you, while I was published by the Mensa people, I’m not a member 😦 I’m just ordinarily IQ’d — ahahaha! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading my posts! Take care and enjoy the rest of your week…

  • (just wanted to tell you…I have a stalker. I shut down my blog and FB too and now I don’t know what to do with my hands….or my random thoughts either but I often think of you. I miss you.)


    • Awww man! I wondered what happened! I looked for your blog and the Word Press page came up and prompted for a password. I thought, well, I’ll just wait until I get back into blogging again — I’m on a long break from it now — then I’ll get the password to Dawn’s new sexy blog. But this is because you have someone harassing you that you’ve shut it down!? This is terrible to hear!

      Thanks for reaching out Dawn and I hope you get this thing resolved — the authorities? This sucks ass that you’ve had to go in hiding so to speak. I realize now that you mention it that you have not in fact been on fb. Daaaamn! I hope despite all of this that you are well and safe. As you might have guessed I’ve taken a huge break from blogging. It had been a year of my effort which had primarily been to promote my book. I’ve submitted a piece to a couple of journals and I’m working on another piece. But I may be back here and there to post something.

      Dawn — keep me posted and come back to say hello now and then. Please be careful and take care of yourself. Maybe you could keep writing and just send it out to different literary journals. You’re too good to stop.

  • It’s been such a while since I been here….I miss you luv. I hope you are taking care of yourself. I saw you don’t write as much anymore, but I read your last post and seen why. I feel you on those issues, and wanting to get the credit we work so hard for. I am the same quest this year, I want to rattle some cages. Tell them to LET ME IN. πŸ™‚ I hope 2014 offers some good options and progress. BIG HUGS

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