Come to the Cemetery

Published March 27, 2018 by Sandee

20160710_161920It — has been a while. I don’t even know any of you anymore! To write you tonight, I cleared my blog of spider webs that have accumulated since 2016. Memories of 2012 and 2013 when I wrote here religiously take me to the time when I didn’t see what I see today — what it actually feels like to be 55 — what being a veteran cemetery worker feels like. Yes — no, this post’s not a cheap ploy to let you know I’m still doing evening lantern tours at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, probably one of the best things about my life. But, you might find yourselves there, alive, participating happily, lantern in hand — we have daytime tours, too.

Come to our fabled cemetery and we’ll visit fascinating people who turned their lives into gold. We’ll visit a very unfortunate actress and a vampire’s lair. There are some quirky mysteries that will keep you wondering. And of course, we’ll visit Washington Irving, who created the mystique surrounding Sleepy Hollow still today.

Here’re quotes from satisfied participants — let’s see if I remember correctly exactly what they said — okay, here we go:

“I had the time of my life!”

“Do you live here?”

And following’s a conversation between me and a VERY satisfied participant. “I’m coming back next week to take your tour!” “Sure you don’t want to try another guide?” “No! We want yours again.” Seriously, there are more things people said, but I want to save the space.

If you don’t live in New York, that’s fine. Tell the people who you know in New York. But it really doesn’t matter if you live in New York because we get people from all over. Some drunken Australians came once. Tours start this weekend, March 31st, so here’s the link:

I plan on coming back in here at some point in the future and sharing what’s going on. For a preview, I did get a couple of really positive rejections of a short story I wrote. Both magazines said they weren’t standard rejections and encouraged me to send more work, and I did, but they rejected those, too. Also, I will be re-working the novel that was rejected, standardly, by agents, after finishing off my latest short story. In the meantime, I had my collection of short stories edited professionally and it’s on We retitled it, “Confessions of a Footfreak and Other Mean-Spirited Tales.” One woman who bought a copy said they’d make great x-mas presents — I swear to God. So, here’s the link for that one — you’ll definitely enjoy it:

I don’t want there to be too much more going on in here so I’m going to leave now. But I’ll be back! It used to be fun in here and sometimes weird, and sometimes it was a compulsion. So maybe it’s good I got on the wagon a while.

Until next time!







14 comments on “Come to the Cemetery

  • Yay, she surfaces! I didn’t know you gave lantern tours at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. That’s so cool. I’ve taken something like that in London. Lots of fun.

    So glad you’re still writing. Rejections stink, but they’re part of the game. Makes the wins that much sweeter, I suppose.

    • Mary! Thanks for liking my post — Carrie was getting lonely up there, lol! I appreciate it. I got a surge of, Yeah, I’m going to blog now again, but I realize I need a momentum. We’ll see.

  • well well well… what grand surprise to see you back writing. Happy to see you here, again! Your tours sound cool. I should hop on a train and take one someday. Good to see you, Sandee! Keep writing.. ..Audra

    • A blast from the past, right. Good to see you, too! Thanks for the encouragement. It’s so different in here now, hahaha! I would be so honored if you came to one of the tours, Audra! They are a lot of fun.

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