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Punk Ass Police Officers

Published July 7, 2016 by Sandee

Why does the police department continue to hire punk ass police officers – pussies – pussy racists? I saw the video. Two hefty men had Alton Sterling pinned down. They were obviously capable of subduing him, but decided to shoot him point blank in the chest. What a joke – they were defending themselves. Ha! Why does this continue to happen? Because a culture that demands fierce competition for resources and consumerism requires monsters, pariahs, inferior people, etc. You need a way to keep the “others” back. As black people, the lie says that we’re it. We’re too busy trying to live day-to-day to be thinking about all of this. We work to get the nice things that we see advertised – things they tell us we need, and the lifestyle that comes with it, despite the reality that this culture isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s bullshit and it’s killing us.

This is age-old. Nothing new. But wouldn’t it be nice with all this “superior” technology if we could figure out a better way to relate to the environment and to each other – if we could adopt a healthier way to live? I guess not.

People keep complaining and crying about police killing black people, but that isn’t going to do shit. Those Occupy Wall Street People and Bernie Sanders were sort of on the right track. And a lot of people along the way tried, but the people controlling the reins have too much sway. Consciousness about what’s really going on can be easily dulled in a day-to-day existence controlled by media and business titans.

This system requires that a large portion of people be cut out of the competition, so jails, and fucked up neighborhoods filled with “bad people” are required. The behavior becomes actualized by the “bad people” watching television and reading the papers – and these reporters will always be reporting – as they need to keep themselves employed. I read something like this in a New Yorker article written by an economist AFTER I had come up with this conclusion long ago.

Does this culture require this? There should be some kind of psychic shift to stop this shit from happening. Within the current culture that we support, should we just expect this to continue occurring while we shop for our theater screen televisions, McMansions, and computerized stoves? As it stands, this country is so “advanced” that it perpetuates barbarism in sophisticated ways and kills black people and screws others at warp speed. What an accomplishment. I vote for interconnected communes where you could take care of people. Other than that, continue to witness the bloodshed.