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Cheap free phone camera pictures of a really nice place

Published April 29, 2013 by Sandee


These are pictures of where I work.  I’m going to buy a camera.  These pictures would be much nicer.  I like taking pictures in spring with the overcast sky behind the pastels.  I’ve worked in both houses in the pictures.  I sit in that gazebo at lunch time.

weeping gothic

I posted this before on here and on my Facebook page.  It’s the Weeping European Beech on a foggy day.  This wasn’t bad to take with a cheap free phone camera because of  the fog.

Perkinspathwaylavender flowerspvc wavehill overcast5gazebowavehillovercast4overcast3wavehillovercast2wavehillovercastwoodland pathwavehillchild

I had more pictures but they were double exposed and had green filmy covering on them.

Next I might post some pictures of my day trip to the Jumel Mansion where George Washington slept.  The picture of his bed came out real crummy but it’s rad that he slept in it.  If you weren’t entirely turned off by these, maybe you’ll enjoy looking at those.