I think I inadvertently ‘unfollowed’ all of the blogs I was following

Published April 5, 2013 by Sandee

Dear bloggers, I’ve got to correct this. I just wanted to receive notifications only in my reader but clicked the wrong dang thing. I’ll be back directly…

So sorry!

Yours terminally,



64 comments on “I think I inadvertently ‘unfollowed’ all of the blogs I was following

  • Ha.. sounds like something I did recently.. my email was exploding, so i did what you did and now not sure who i follow or unfollowed now..

  • Oops. I do stuff like that all the time. My blog is rubbish anyway so you likely didn’t miss anything earth shattering. Haha! Get yourself back over there ASAP. I miss your smiling face when it’s not around. Xoxo

    • Aw, thanks Lisa! I appreciate that. I have been peeking at your blog and others — I’m just scaling back interacting for a bit while I take a chomp out of my job which I started again this week. I hope you enjoy your weekend and do something special. I must say I’ve been hanging out with friends while having barely any money — bahaha!

    • I certainly like to think at least one or two folks think about me from time to time! I did just start working again after my four month hiatus. During my break I worked on some writing and sent a piece to a couple of journals. I thought I’d use my energy to try to get published. We’ll see…

      I was in Fairway a couple months ago and thought, wouldn’t it be funny if we were in there at the same time — hahaha! Have a good weekend LA!

      • Considering that Fairway is practically my home away from home, it’s possible that we were there at the same time. I can frequently be found at the banana stand. You have a good weekend, too, Sandee!

  • Ah, yes, the battle between one’s reader vs. getting email notifications. I waffle back and forth between the two, not sure which is the best road to take. Of course, your method would ensure an empty inbox. πŸ˜‰

  • Oops! Rarasaur did the same thing recently (or something similar, anyway). I was wondering where you went; you haven’t updated in a while. Although I was hoping it was because you were busy writing the Great American Novel, or something equally brilliant.

    • I did work on a short story and submitted it to a couple of journals, and I started a new short story — which is shit! I wanted to use my writing energy during my hiatus toward my creative writing effort. As I mentioned to Mike, I don’t want to disable my blog, it’ll just accumulate a few spiderwebs for a bit. πŸ˜‰ Hope all is well Mary!

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