Cheap free phone camera pictures of a really nice place

Published April 29, 2013 by Sandee


These are pictures of where I work.  I’m going to buy a camera.  These pictures would be much nicer.  I like taking pictures in spring with the overcast sky behind the pastels.  I’ve worked in both houses in the pictures.  I sit in that gazebo at lunch time.

weeping gothic

I posted this before on here and on my Facebook page.  It’s the Weeping European Beech on a foggy day.  This wasn’t bad to take with a cheap free phone camera because of  the fog.

Perkinspathwaylavender flowerspvc wavehill overcast5gazebowavehillovercast4overcast3wavehillovercast2wavehillovercastwoodland pathwavehillchild

I had more pictures but they were double exposed and had green filmy covering on them.

Next I might post some pictures of my day trip to the Jumel Mansion where George Washington slept.  The picture of his bed came out real crummy but it’s rad that he slept in it.  If you weren’t entirely turned off by these, maybe you’ll enjoy looking at those.

36 comments on “Cheap free phone camera pictures of a really nice place

  • Sandee, this is a slice of heaven. I’m glad that you shared them. The one picture that I really love is the 3rd one with the blue sky and dirt tracks from cars – something about that looks like a painting or a postcard. I like to imagine you having your lunch in the gazebo. Nice.
    I hope you’re well. The pictures are peaceful – I hope they reflect your current state/mood. 🙂

    • Yeah I know right?! It is heavenly there. Visitors do indeed say that. The picture you refer to is actually a walking path. I photographed that same path on a darker day. I wanted to use it as a header on my Facebook page and entitle it, dark passage. But it came out even crummier because of the resolution or whatever that is when the picture gets stretched out. Unfortunately Lisa, I can’t say these pictures necessarily reflect my mood, but that’s fine. Any strain I encounter can be off set by the fact that I’m surrounded by beauty.

  • How wonderful that you get to see these gorgeous surroundings on a daily basis. I hope the job is going well.

    Sandee, can you give me a link to your FB page? I tried to access it from your blog, but for whatever reason, it’s not letting me. I thought I had already followed your page, but I don’t recall seeing any recent updates so maybe I didn’t. Or isn’t it a public page?

  • I think those are pretty good pictures, considering they came from a phone. One of these days, I’ll get out to FB. I’m having problems getting started over there because I’m so morally opposed to the rampant commodification of everything over there.

    • Thanks Mary! I just imagine how much nicer they’d have been if I had taken them with a higher quality camera.

      And oh yeah facebook 😦 I swore I would never go on, but I need it as the poor man’s marketing device. I swore I’d only be on a year but like Jack Twist says to Ennis Delmar in Brokeback Mountain,I wish I knew how to quit you Facebook. I’m sucked into its universe now. Someone posted something on fb about a person thinking of going on facebook and being told something like, Help! Don’t do it! We’re all prisoners here!” Bahahahahaha!

      Hope all is well with you…

  • The first picture, in particular, has an 18th century era painterly quarterly to me, I say in an attempt to sound like a blowhard that knows an iota about any style of painting beyond the Paint By Numbers style of my youth. It does look like you work close to paradise. Where I work there are bars outside my windows. It’s a place of maximum security with minimal pay.

    • Yeah! I thought similarly about that first picture — that it reminds me of a painting from the days of yore.

      “Maximum security with minimal pay” — you crack me up! Hahaha! Sadly enough, I do understand minimal pay 😦

    • Thanks Shauna! I appreciate the compliment about my photos, especially since I feel sometimes that I shouldn’t inflict them on anyone because of the poor quality. But I figure in this case that the subject’s beauty overrides the quality in a sense.

  • Those pictures are fabulous, Sandee! I’m most fascinated by the Weeping Beech… it’s gloomy and eerie… perhaps a bit Sandeesk. Would definitely like to see the green double exposed ones.

    • I know right! — that weeping beech was so perfect for me. The green double exposed ones are such a disappointment… I don’t know if you’d see the beauty in them. If they were “artfully” doubly exposed maybe, but I don’t think so. I’ll have to look at them again. Sometimes photo mishaps are kinda cool.

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