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Shooters Are Plotting As We Speak

Published August 4, 2019 by Sandee

Create small, interconnected communities that allow us to take better care of each other so we’d be less likely to hurt each other. It would be a long haul.  I’m throwing it out there. Use old tribal customs as a template. Combine principles from tribal and hi-tech culture. Hahaha! –no! Get on it, asap.

I don’t care who’s in office, the same motivators run the show, greed, materialism, and the cultural values that come from that — flimsy values that warp your mind.  Shit just gets redistributed when someone else from a different party gets elected. It’s within the same framework. It’s a game of whack-a-mole.

Shooters have done their thing through each administration. You can’t blame any particular president. The media needs to generate their own income. They have to make sure we remain dependent on them. They need money to maintain their genteel lifestyles. They had been told that this makes you successful. They run these stories with step by step coverage, leading us to the next installment. It’s disseminating ideas for diseased people. I’m not saying don’t report shootings, just scale it down! 

More importantly, don’t fucking print the shooter’s name! That way we can lump it all into a phenomenon, as opposed to giving these losers fame. We can more easily view it as a national  health crisis when we stop focussing on the perpetrators. But this a conversation that’s already been started. How dumb is this?

Why does the media, over and over, stupidly keep naming these bastards? Why are we so diseased? How do we take care of this national health crisis?

IS the media to blame?