auf wiedersehen

Published September 19, 2012 by Sandee

I’ve commented and posted every day since March so I thought I should explain my disappearance in case you wondered, “Why hasn’t that Sword-Chinned Bitch said anything about my new post?  Where the heck is her head?”  I may be absent from commenting and blogging for a bit.  I say MAY be absent because I don’t know, maybe not.  That’s why I didn’t know if I should mention it at all.

Hopefully I’ll be writing more fiction.  I’m planning a reading at the end of October.  Who knows what else I’ll get into.

Talk to you later!



55 comments on “auf wiedersehen

  • Oh, so you think you can disappear so unceremoniously? Well, I guess you can. I think it’s good to take a breather and rebalance. I’m going to picture you on that woodsy path in Riverdale. Be well, my friend. Please know that you’re being thought of and missed!

    • I love how you have a connection to Riverdale. Of course I’ll be thinking of you as well. I just hope you’re all here when I get back (maybe tomorrow — hahaha — which is why I tried to avoid all the pomp and circumstance.) I appreciate your kind words and thoughtful feedback. Talk to you later Grippy!

  • It will be too sad if you disappear for a while, who will I be able to talk to about weirdywolves and boiling bunnies! Seriously?
    I would love to come to your reading if it’s not too deep into the woods! Fighting vampires and Red Riding Hood is all well and good for a while but it gets tiring being a hero kicking ass at my age! 🙂

    • Claire I would be so happy if you came to one of my readings — I will definitely keep you posted! They would be in Manhattan — which is not too deep into the woods.

      I love it! — ‘weirdywolves and boiling bunnies’ ~witch laugh~ hee hee hee hee hee heeeeeee!

      Talk to you soon Claire!

  • Okay, are you a ’63 baby or a ’62 baby?
    Here is a link to a photo of a pink layer cake.

    Do whatever the hell you want with or without your blog. You’ll figure it out. I started my blog in Jan 2011 and I felt obligated to write, but I’ve eased up a bit. Sometimes I think I’m done, but that hasn’t happened yet. I’m just more selective and not as frilly and also not as serious.

    Your readers love you. They’ll be around no matter what you do.

    • Oh TS — thanks for thinking of me and sending me cake! I’m sending you a big fat hug! It’s one of the loveliest pink cakes ever. The only thing is that I use cakes that I’ve gotten permission to use — I’m afraid of getting sued — I know it’s crazy. The three cakes on my sidebar were actually gifts from the makers of the cakes. If you ever make a pink cake and want to give it to me, that would be perfect. I’m going to be looking at your cake again and fantasize about eating it — that would do splendidly for an early evening fantasy…

      I’m a ’62 baby. I’ll be the big five 0 in November! I look at the pictures of you and think — ‘She looks so good and she’s my age.’ Now like you, I want to dye a part of my hair, maybe a platinum with a light pink in it — tee hee! I’ll post pictures…

      I hope your poetry reading on the 28th goes well. I’ll be scoping out your blog to hear about it! I’m trying to use my time to write. I just sent off information to this cafe owner about my reading — I hope he hasn’t forgotten.

      Thanks for your support TS. It means a lot.

      See you later!

  • You have a great fan base Sandee! If you need to write, write! Glad you just didn’t stop posting and disappear. Thanks for the heads up and wishing you peace of mind when you are doing your thing. Cheers! (in the nicest possible way lol) Annie

    • Thanks Annie for coming by so often — kiss kiss hug hug!

      Getting this feedback from you about letting people know I’m taking a break is helpful. I was just going to drop out because I thought — who gives a shit? I really wanted to just tell folks the reason I’m not commenting on their blogs. I’m telling you, they’re probably grateful there’s one less blog to read — haha! I sound cynical but I do indeed hope at least a couple of folks, including you, look forward to my posts!

      I’ll talk to you soon Annie!

  • Sandee, I think a link to a photo is not the same as reprinting the photo, right? Maybe not. I do remember your post about the concern. It’s a good, conscientious thing to think about and look after.

    I am not too far from NYC though it’s far enough that I don’t get down often. Let me know when/where you are reading. SOME DAY I’ll get to meet you and hear you read! I will be ordering your book soooooooon. Just have to move some change around. Taxes were paid recently.

    It is always nice to hear that someone thinks I look good. Sometimes I have no idea what I look like. I am not graying, that helps. Sometimes it’s horrifying. I think I’ll get over it as I get older, but I’m not there yet. Chicken neck is no fun. But blurry photos help, too. I am very selective about what I use on my blog and even some of them are not flattering. ICK.

    Good luck with your writing. Time is a great thing to give yourself.

  • I’ve been thinking about you a lot but I’ve also been busy/feeling down so I haven’t been posting that much either or even checking WP that much.

    I like the fact that you will be writing. Don’t like the fact that you may not be around much but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?

    Best of luck with everything!

  • I FINALLY ordered your book on Amazon today. I can’t wait! YIPEE!

    I hope your writing is going well. Or not. You know what I mean? I mean, pressuring oneself if it is not going well is not a good thing. So don’t pressure yourself whatever you do.

    I’ll let you know when I get the book! Katherine

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