As Ice Cube says, I gotta say it was good day

Published September 17, 2012 by Sandee

Overall not a bad day, despite the flare-up inspired by what my hairdresser did to me a month ago.  It hit hard today.  A bad hair day with a bad hair cut.  I hurled that bottle of John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease into the tub.  The squirter part flew into the window and I still can’t find the top – eh!  Maybe it’s not for black people hair.  But I can’t blame John Frieda.  Nope, I blame my hairdresser.

But not a bad day at all really.  Mondays and Tuesdays are my Saturday and Sunday which kind of sucks because my friends can’t play with me sometimes because they have to work.  But because the economy stinks a few are unemployed and are able to. I thought I would go to the Hudson River Museum, but wouldn’t you know it’s closed Mondays and Tuesdays.  I don’t get a weekend vibe being off these days.

Ah but not so bad, despite my plans to do this that and the other being overtaken by lethargy.  I never understood how you’d ask people what they were doing over the weekend and they’d say, sleeping in.  Sleeping in!!!???  Are you kidding?  What a waste of time.  Actually I hate sleeping and I hate eating.  Today my body paid me back for all that hysterical running around like a chicken without a head I did the previous week.  I fought down to the minute though.  At 12 noon when the sluggishness hit, I brought a book and my eyeglasses with me to bed.  But nope, my brain wouldn’t allow it.  So I went to sleep and had some lame ass dream I can’t remember now.  All I know is that it was lame, I remember that.

I got up and started reading blogs and reminisced about the time before blogging and Face book last March when my computer time was spent simply checking aol, playing chess with the computer, editing one of my stories, and listening to Pandora.  Today I discovered ‘online’ that a guy I liked is bisexual.  Some of you may know I LOVE men like that – but screw him and his new relationship – it’s with a girl by the way – and I hear she’s ugly and she stinks – nah just jivin’.  I wish them the best of luck really I do – hehehe.  I also discovered a video by Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg called Mother Lover – now where the hell was I when this came out?  Stupendous!

I hope I can be as accepting tomorrow of my day as I was with my day today, however imperfect it was, and I wish the same for all of you.  As Ice Cube says, I gotta say it was good day.

53 comments on “As Ice Cube says, I gotta say it was good day

  • Wow! did you take that picture? Absolutely gorgeous. One of the bridges over the Rideau canal looks beautiful like that at night. I love that bridge. I should take a picture of it before the canal freezes over.

    Your story reminded me of one of the days I spent in Alexandria, VA. The only museum I wanted to see there was the Black History museum. I went there on Saturday. Walked there under the scorching sun (44C that day) only to find out for the whole Labour Day weekend. I wasn’t happy

    • This picture is a stock photo I got from Wikimedia Commons. It’s Central Park over the rowing pond I believe.

      That’s frustrating when things like that happen after making a big effort. I was thinking well, at least you have an excuse to go back to Alexandria perhaps or even to take a trip to that region for a vacation some other time.

      • Yeah, I suppose. Anything can happen. ILHC will be there again next year but I doubt I’ll be going.

        With my limited budget for travelling, I have to chose and pick where I go very carefully. And I still have several trips in my bucket list that I’d like to take 🙂

  • But wait, did you have to use your AK? Sound like you didn’t. Although maybe if you ever do need to use it you should shoot up your hairdresser’s storefront? Too extreme?

    Wishing you an even better day tomorrow.

    • That’s true. Everything can be fixed, people can be punished, taught lessons — all with cake! Like a clown would use cream pie, I’d prefer to use cake.

      Pork Chop reminded me of the AK part of that song, which I had forgotten 🙂

  • My girls have ethnic hair and trust me, John Frieda does not work and, not a thing Mr Timberlake has put out I don’t like. Damn, he’s wayyyy too young for me..
    Glad your day was a groovy (how’s that for a dated word) one 🙂

    • Oh Lynne, forgot to add that this Justin Timberlake video is a parody he and Andy Samberg did on SNL, precisely about woman our age and men their ages — it’s hil-ar-ous — and it stars some beautiful older actress as one of the mothers along with Susan Sarandon — do you see where this is going 😉

  • Bad hair can make a girl cranky, that’s for sure. John Frieda!! haha! Maybe it is his fault, ’cause I don’t think it works with my hair either!
    I feel like I’m stuck in a spiral of lame and sucky days. I’ve really lost my motivation and it’s getting me down. I think I have a lot of things that are rendering me powerless right now and I hate feeling out of control in my own life.
    I think blogging is both good and bad. I love my friends and reading their posts but it takes me away from healthier pursuits. I was on WordPress all day yesterday. Every time I stood up to walk away, another post would pop up. Add blogging to the list of things that make me feel powerless. : (

    • I know I’m probably screwing this up but I think there’s some doctrine or maybe some zen text where they speak about powerlessness being a good thing.

      But I guess the key is to have some boundaries or limitations when it comes to outside influences.

      When I started blogging to promote my book I thought all I had to do is write, sit back and collect ‘likes’ and comments — I didn’t know it was going to be so — involved. But you do learn something in the process. I guess you have to set up boundaries with it.

      I loved your comment in Eric’s post yesterday. It went deep, which is one of the reasons I wanted to check out your blog. Your comments were so thoughtful and intelligent.

      • Thanks, Miss Sandee. You’re one of those people that not only writes beautifully and creatively but your interpretation of things is always much deeper/richer than the average blogger.
        Since I have a hard time with being powerless I can only imagine that I’m missing a little Zen in my life. I’m sure it’s good for you, but probably only if you learn to let go and lean into it… I don’t think I’m there yet.

  • Sandee, having a bad hair day can really start your day out badly. And yes, it seems shallow and all that, but it can. I too remember the days when I didn’t spend so much time on the computer. We have odd days “off” ourselves. Most of the time (if I’m lucky and have some work projects going on) I’m working on the weekends because that’s when my husband works. Holidays, for the most part, are just days because I spend plenty of those alone.

    Still, I’m very grateful for all this and there are some advantages to not having “normal” weekend days off. What is the point to all this chatter? I don’t know. Maybe just to say that even your “eh” days, at least the way you depict the through your writing, are entertaining and that we share some commonalities. They make me want to write a piece about a simple time. I’m mulling one over in my mind about my Grandaddy.

    I feel like Grippy above sometimes! I think you HAVE to step away from the computer and get out and LIVE, know what I mean?

    And I love that video you’re referring to. Remember cock in the box by them on SNL? HILARIOUS. Have another good day, my friend.

    (I’m anxiously awaiting your book’s arrival). :).

    • Maybe we should all post something about a bad hair day — it’s serious! And I would also love hearing something about your Grandad. I enjoy reading about people’s backgrounds and their ancestry, etc. — it gives them a real fleshing out. I’d look forward to it Brigitte.

      So you’ve seen the video — haha! It’s my kind of humor — I actually thought I should study it because it’s the kind of absurdity that I draw from.

      Thanks again for supporting me. I hope I don’t disappoint too much!

  • Can’t believe you never saw “Mother Lover” before! The SNL Digital Shorts are my sons’ favorite, and of course, few of them are appropriate. But try telling that to a 12 and 15 year old who think “D*ck in a Box” is the best video ever.

    • Thanks Mme. Weebles! Like I told Lynne — I should stick to Afro Sheen 🙂

      🙂 Each day is different but I’m open to the idea that I can choose the direction of my attitude. I found myself having to do that today. I was isolated before I realized — call you friends, go out to dinner or something dum dum.

      Have a good night MW!

  • You know, I actually really loved this post. Not all days are gonna be mind-blowing, earth-shattering, museums-opened, happy shiny days. Some days are just “okay.” In the past, I would have hated those days. Today, I am grateful for every “okay” day I have, because that means no one died, I didn’t assault anyone, I didn’t get foreclosed on, or struck by lightening, or or or. I craved normal days for so long, it’s just really nice to have them. Yeah, I guess I’m with Ice Cube on that one.
    But I still wish you a kick-ass orgasmic-cake sort of day today.

    • Thanks so much ROS! Mucho appreciato! Thanks for reminding me that life is life and it will be up and down, more up some days and more down the others — I suppose the lessons lie therein, as ye olde wise one says 🙂

      Cake does cause orgasms…

    • I actually like my hair kinky but went to the hairdresser to do something different — I’ve done it before — I get straighteners every now and again just for variation not because I think my hair’s bad. But he did this middle of the road texturizer thing that makes it look like a weird bushy imitation wavy Ronald McDonald on crack style 🙂 Ah well, it’ll grow out and I can get my regular afro back. I’m just pissed at him because he didn’t do what I wanted him to do.

      Enough about my hair Evelyn — I hope you’re having a good day. Keep on writing!

  • Wait wait wait. You don’t like eating or sleeping? Those are like my all time fave things to do ever. But I’m super lazy. So it’s probably just my nature. Yeah I hear that other girl is ugly and stinks as well. Weird…must be true! 😉

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