Cheap A** Phone

Published July 26, 2012 by Sandee

Primitive insertion of fuzzy photographs from a ‘free phone camera’

Some of you know I’m a Luddite who doesn’t give two craps about high tech gadgets.  My phone is the one advertised as ‘free’.  I paid $19 for it.  Ha!  Anyone surprised?  The other day I wanted to capture the beauty of where I work.  Why, I’ll just use my cheap free phone camera, I said on my meditative lunch time stroll.  I finally figured out how to transroll (my made up word that I love) pictures that I take on my free phone to my email, to further roll into my picture files.  See the pictures up there?  One was supposed to capture the Hudson River but you can’t see it really because of the piss poor quality.  One shows where you can take yoga but you can’t really see that either.  The pictures aren’t iPhone or Blackberry camera quality but didn’t come out all that horrible.

I didn’t think to photograph Gregor Samsa, the engorged water bug who just lay hanging out on my living room floor, terrorizing me.  I would’ve appended it to my Gregor Samsa post so you could see what I was afraid of.  As they don’t move for almost an hour sometimes, taking a photo of my bug model would’ve been easy to do.  But I’m sure y’all like flowers more.  Wouldn’t you like to work at a place like this?  You’ll get half the money you’re used to getting but dammit it’s worth it.

34 comments on “Cheap A** Phone

  • I’m looking for a cheap digital camera to take pics for Facebook and my blog. I saw one for 24 dollars. I think I will save up for that one and I am sure it will have bad quality. But someone once told me that quantity is better than quality!

  • Wait, your Gregor Samsa was a water bug? I thought you were talking about cockroaches.

    And what’s a water bug, in any case?

    Also, you crack me up. Your name is Sword*-Chinned Bitch but you won’t write ass phone. Too funny. But wait, don’t you have a post names have some of my ass cake or something?

    * I typed Sw and my fingers automatically finished the word as Swing. I had to delete and type again. True story. I wonder how many times a day I type the word swing that my fingers just take it for granted that it I type Sw it has to be swing and not something else…

    • Yeah, I named the water bug in my apt. after the character Gregor Samsa. He’s a man who turns into a giant bug in this story called The Metamorphosis. My bug was so big I thought it would fit. A water bug is four times the size of a cock roach and it thrives in moist areas — it likes water — byuck!

      Hehehehehe! You’re right about ass — I never thought about that — the reason I do that in the title is in case people open the site with others around I guess. My blotting out letters in these words depends on how modest I’m feeling that day. 🙂

  • I think those photos are awful; one might say “piss poor.” The best one was the center bottom one, of the burnt-orange day lily. And when I clicked on it, all the charm of the thumbnail up there disappeared.

    I say you ask for donations and at least get a $150 camera. I’ll be the first to send in my 5 bucks. Let me know….

  • Dear Sword,
    That place looks amazing.
    I don’t think the pictures are bad.
    At least you won’t get sued over them!!
    I just wrote a post about only posting your own pictures.
    I may have to get out my cheap A** camera a little more.

    • I feel fortunate to be able to work here. I used to come as a visitor and one day I said, I want to work there and voila! I wrote a ghost story based on here. Mark Twain, Arturo Toscanni, Theodore Roosevelt and Charles Darwin lived here in one of the houses on the property. The Queen Mother stayed here once as well, so there are indeed famous ‘ghosts’ floating around. Ooooooowoooooo…..

  • That’s 19 more than this luddite paid. I don’t think I can take pictures with mine. Either that , or I can’t be bothered to investigate the capability, so…well done. Maybe it is not too late for the likes of us? You are fast becoming my technological inspiration!

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