Chick Habit

Published August 12, 2012 by Sandee

On face book, a friend mentioned watching Death Proof.  This made me think of April March’s song Chick Habit, which was featured in the movie.  In error I referred to the song as Chick Magnet when I commented that I loved the movie.  It has one of the sexiest car crash scenes ever!

This song makes you want to wear leather, chew gum, spit it out, drink tequila, flirt with boys then dramatically squash your cigarette out with your boot.   Oh, and the song comes in French too!

26 comments on “Chick Habit

  • I just wanted to say that even though i am a mushy sentimental Cat and sometimes seemingly i say LOVE too much
    when i write Love i mean to say that i wish You all the best and think you are super Talented and saying LOVE is just the easiest wish I can make for someone ….
    CAT XO

    • I accept all the love Cat! It’s not too much coming from you because it’s you! Really! It’s like rays of sunshine. It could be just agape love, love for humankind.

      That means a lot to me that you say I’m talented. I really appreciate that Cat. I hope you enjoy your day and that you’re moving right along with your project.

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