Two words: hanta virus

Published October 18, 2012 by Sandee

I’ve scheduled my reading for 10/27, 10:30pm at the Indian Road Café.  I’ll read for half an hour.  Afterward they’re screening Night of the Living Dead.  That’s crazy because I had no idea they’d be showing this movie and it’s one of my favorites – I know the whole script.  Two great lines from it:

“They’re coming to get you Bar-ba-ra.”

“Yeah they’re dead…they’re…all messed up”

I’d like to write a treatise on this movie.  It’s been done.  They make it a metaphor for the times in 1968.  The zombies are the encroaching threat to the establishment.  They represent black people too, I think I’ve heard.  George Romero used a black protagonist which was progressive, but then again, he doesn’t survive, AND his plan for keeping everyone safe — as the alpha male in the bunch — failed.  Womp womp oh well.

Since I’m on zombies – anybody ever see Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things? One of the reasons I love Fright Night is because the kid in the movie watches it on TV, the part where Orville is reanimated and goes after the leader of the theater group. This movie has a cult following so I feel cool because I knew it when.

My horror story in my book, Mean-Spirited Tales doesn’t have zombies.  I may have a friend read one of the stories. I’m going to miss Bob being at the reading.  I’ve been to the Indian Road Café a few times to eat and Bob would be there.  He was retired so I think he went everyday for lunch.  “There goes that Sword-Chinned Bitch,” he’d snarl. I was thrilled the first time he said it because I fantasize about walking down the street with people whispering “Hey, there’s the Sword-Chinned Bitch” — hehe.  So Bob helped me realize my fantasy.  After I got my hair butchered by the salon, Bob sees me and says, “So the flat-headed Sword Chinned Bee-itch is here.”  He made bitch two syllables.

When I went to the café to speak with the owner about my reading, I hear behind me, “I know I’ll be there to see the Sword-Chinned Bitch.”  It was Bob.  He bought my book and read my blog.  I wrote about my love affair with a mouse in my apartment on my blog.  He commented:  “Two words:  hanta virus.”  Ahahaha!

If no one else comes to my reading Bob will be there and perhaps with his lover, I used to say.  Bob passed away of a heart attack a week after I saw him at the café.  He was both wicked and very kind.  When I spoke to him last, he talked about having a good life and being fortunate.  I was fortunate to know Bob.  He was one of those blessings that we get in the minute of the day.

50 comments on “Two words: hanta virus

  • I’m from the south, bee-itch has always been a two syllable word for me. 🙂

    Good luck at the reading! I’d fly up there, but Carrie’s book has me scared to leave the house. Knock their socks off kiddo!

    • Oooo — I can’t wait to read Carrie’s book. I’m reading another bloggers book now — Claire Cappetta’s A Broken Ring, which I’m enjoying.

      The way Bob said bitch sounded kind of southern. I don’t know if he was from the south though.

      Thanks for the kind words ROS!

  • damn! I wish I could go. I’m sure it will be amazing.
    Like Lynne, I think Bob will be there in spirit, along with a group of fans from the other side.
    I’ll be thinking of you and sending good vibes your way. 🙂

  • You’re going to have a great turnout, I know it.

    I so wish I could be there, but, as you know, Glengarry tickets await.

    Please do be aware, however, that whenever Al Pacino delivers one of his profanity-ridden rants, I shall be thinking of you and wishing you well.

  • Sandee, I hope I can make it! It’s a 30-45-minute train ride for me in and the late night thing….but I’m working on it. Regardless, I know you’ll wow them and I know Bob will be there for you, as will all of your loyal followers and readers. Are you going to video your reading? I hope so! What an accomplishment — so proud and happy for you. xxoo

    • Good evening everyone, I’m sorry to say that our scheduled reader, Sword-Chinned Bitch, has contracted the hanta virus. Hehehehe!

      I wasn’t nervous until I realized the reading is the weekend after next — wow! Wonder if I can lose weight before then…

  • Even though you know I hate traveling north of 96th Street, I already have plans that day, but if I can shift things around, maybe I can make it with a bud or two. Good luck. If you’re feeling nervous remind yourself that this is paradise when compared to truly terrible things like getting water boarded or listening to Celine Dion.

  • “Hanta Virus.” Those are two words with the “anti-Reese’s power” they DON’T go well together by ANY stretch of the imagination! I don’t know if hanta has spread that far east yet, though. Your day will come NYC!

    I also really like NOTLD–great flick. You may already know this (it sounds like you’re more familiar with the film than I am, but it bears repeating), but apparently one of the most “shocking” scenes in the movie for 1968 audiences is one that a modern viewer wouldn’t even have an issue with (or if he/she did, it wouldn’t be the SAME issue as in 1968)–when Ben slaps the female lead–black man slaps pretty blonde girl.

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