When you don’t like a kid

Published August 13, 2012 by Sandee

The Bad Seed

It’s disappointing when you don’t like a kid.  Kids are supposed to represent hope, right?  But not all children are innocent, unassuming and adorable.  Some of them have shitty personalities.

Remember the Bad Seed?  She never got wrinkled, or had a hair out of place and she always said yes sir, no ma’am, please, thank you, and freaky little mature things like ‘how was your day today’ when usually a kid could give a shit.  All this and a penchant for killing people!

I know a kid who reminds me of her a little.  Scary, right?  She asks the right questions and is at your disposal – ‘Can I help you with that Sandee?’  She says to me with that put on voice – get the fuck outta here!  She stands erect and stares me dead in the eyes non-stop which is cool if it’s anchored by sincerity, but with her I feel a challenge, even mockery.

A kid came to the gallery where I work.  Her father asked me a question, and she interrupted him.  ‘What’s a wild garden?”  She says, trying to project maturity.  She stared, demanding.  She twisted her body in a controlled way.  The look on her face was put on.  The exhibition is based on the concept of a wild garden, so I told her what a wild garden was, but she didn’t really care to hear the answer.  She just wanted to assert her existence.  “How old is mommy?” She blurted out to her dad then, peering at me.  He wouldn’t tell her.  “Why?” She asks.  “You have to respect your mother’s wishes,” he said.  “Well how old are you?”  She asked.  “I’m old enough,” he said.  Maybe the kid sucked because her parents hide who they really are from her.

I didn’t like that kid.  But she gave me something to blather on about.  I like most of the kids who visit, even ones who run around like maniacs.  Being a kid doesn’t make you immune to unattractive personality defects.  Usually the kids who come in there make me smile from ear to ear.

Before my sister had her sons, I could give a crap about kids and wanted kids to stay the hell away from me.  My nephews have opened up a new realm of energy for me. I’m receiving energy that I didn’t get before.  It’s like I’m accepting that young and hopeful child in me.

37 comments on “When you don’t like a kid

  • I blame their parents – I really do.
    There is this kinda creepy kid that lives up the street for me… his parents pay no attention to him, they don’t play with him – NOTHING… He wanders the neighborhood looking for people to talk to. And once he’s found somebody, he doesn’t leave…

    Its creepy and strange – but no one pays attention to him at home… so while he does freak me out some…. I feel bad for him….

    • Hehehehehe! Makes me think of the scene in the Exorcist when they threw holy water on Regan, while shouting, “The power of Christ compels you!” I say this and make a motion of throwing holy water when one of my friends acts up!

  • Yeah, I have disliked a few children. It’s sad too, because sometimes I really like their parents, but I just cannot stand to hang around their kids. It’s a bummer. But I don’t want any of that nastiness rubbing of on my offspring!

    • This is true. This is one of the reasons I thought I shouldn’t have kids. I know it’s hard, and I’m a coward. Actually I wish more people had been cowards about having kids then maybe we wouldn’t have all these lost souls running around. But who knows what the plan is. We learn from each other no matter how screwed up one or the other of us happens to be.

  • I think parents have much to do with it, Sandee. They (children) look to us to see how to act, you know? I’m sure she’s watched Mom or Dad treat others that way. Or maybe she’s just a spoiled brat!

    • I do think it all points back to the parents. I thought later on that there might have been something about this kid I could like. After all I don’t know her. I know some people including children are missing something, which makes them screwed up, but I’d like to think most of us have something that makes us likable.

  • creepy little brat eh? Go with your instincts on this one …
    by the way, the cake on your sidebar is killing me. I want a slice every time I scroll 🙂

    • I hope the kid grows up to be a wonderful human being. Like people said, her parents probably have something to do with her being like this. Gee, I wonder if I was an asshole kid…

      Oh boy, I have a story about these cakes — I’m writing a post about them! See you later!

  • To make the long story of being a parent short – it is always the parents who had the problem first. They now say that neglect may be worse than abuse – and negelct is what this generation of children are getting, now heap in abuse. The way I see people treat their kids in public sends shivers through me. But I’m not opinionated or anything.

  • “Them kinda kids just ain’t natural I tell ya!” – as a language freak i madly admire your cre-ative use of tonque. And as to the asshole kids… just shove them back in where they came from. (just joking). Love to you, Sandee! 😉

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