I’m going to be a zombie

Published July 3, 2012 by Sandee


I am so damn lame.  I entered a contest to win a free funeral but haven’t checked to see when the drawing is.  The contest is part of Zombie Run.  I wanted to be a zombie in their race in Boston last May, but the spaces were all filled.  There were plenty of openings for anybody who wanted to be a regular person in the race however.  Ha ha!  When you do things online, fill out forms for this that and such, expect to get googobs of other crap from the organization.  But I like zombies, so I don’t mind getting things from Zombie Run and I was excited about the funeral.  I need to see if the drawing is over – who won it.  I’m really superstitious about it though.  Like if I win the funeral, I’ll be dead soon.  If I win – it’s $5000 worth of funeral expenses – yeah!  But besides the funeral contest, Zombie Run is a great opportunity for people to become zombies.

Everybody wants to be a zombie.  Now everybody’s all into them.  But I was into zombies way before everybody.  Karen Cooper from The Night of the Living Dead, she’s my background image on my computer.  She’s the little girl zombie.  I know almost the whole script to that movie.  I’ll get to be a zombie someday.  But I don’t want to be one of those cyber zombies, the fast running ones they have in movies nowadays.  I want to be old school, with one foot sliding on the ground, dragging around real slow – the kind that creep around but pop up from behind the wall and take a chunk out of your head.

22 comments on “I’m going to be a zombie

  • I’m beginning to understand why your short stories are so much fun. You’ve got a wicked sense of humor. That’s a pretty macabre contest you entered. But…I guess…good luck?… 🙂

  • That’s pretty damn cool, Sandee. Night of the Living Dead is such an awesome movie, too. I hope all your zombie dreams come true (except for any nightmares where they’re eating your brain).

  • Foot dragging. But never feeling pain, never tiring, having one objective and going all out for it- Mmm. Yes. Lovely idea.

    If you won, why not have a pretend funeral? Party like you are already dead, you could go to your own funeral. Put the “ner” back into funeral…

  • I am guessing you might not know that ZOMBIES are kool. I love them. I can’t be their friend though, they get that close to me….they might EAT ME, well at least bite me…So I run away. Kudos on this post. 🙂

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