23 Skidoo!

Published June 24, 2012 by Sandee


What’s that age where it’s okay for women to talk about how hot they used to be or to talk explicitly about sex in mixed company?  There’s an age where nobody gives a crap anymore, like that crazy old lady at the barbecue who takes her titties out and says “C’mere, suck on these!”  She’s the life of the party, the quirky old drunk broad. She’s not a threat to any of the women and nobody wants to fuck her so it’s okay if she says “I used to be a beautiful woman long ago who’s had sex with many many many many men, and boy what I would pay to suck your dick!”  “Oh boy, your Auntie Sandee’s a riot T!  She must have been something else back in the 20th century!”  “Yeah, we know.”  23 skidoo!

12 comments on “23 Skidoo!

  • I don’t know Sandee, I started being like that as soon as I got divorced lol! Reminds me of my grandma, I miss her so much, but she was one to bring up orgasms and everything at family functions lol, but she called them “the thrill” lol. She got her tities out a lot too. She had hot flashes so she kept a wash cloth like under her tits which had nursed ten kids so they could really hold that wash cloth in lol. But at random times, she would pull that wash cloth out and throw it at people lmao!! Seriously, not a joke!

  • You mean you should be a certain age to do this? I’ve been doing this all along. I may have to rethink my pickup line now.

  • As a guy, I believe that any age is an acceptable age to do that (depending on the legal adult/consent laws in your state).
    And Aunt Sandee sounds like the bees knees!

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