Published July 15, 2012 by Sandee

When I sell another book and I don’t know who the person is, I get excited.  My first 16 sales were people I knew.  A friend or family member would say, I’m going to buy your book.  I’d look at my records in Kindle and, voila, another sale, to John.  It was an, awre, kind of a thing.

The last few days amidst spasms of PTSD after dental surgery, I trudged through part of the process of turning my Kindle book into a hard copy book, using Amazon’s Create Space online publisher — following technical instructions — bleh.  I’m formatting the pages of Mean-Spirited Tales to fit into the Create Space template.  It’s tedious.  For anyone considering using Create Space, there’s a nice man there.  He walked me through the technical instructions.  I told him that he had great communication skills and that he was very suited for the job.  I hope he didn’t think that I meant that he should stay in a job like that all of his life, though I’m not a job snob.  How could I be, with the job I have?  But you know how some people are.

The key to life is knowing you, and being humble about what you can do — you can do it, you can do it, you can DO it Sandor!  Oh yes Sandor’s my other pseudonym — Sandor’s a superhero — anyway, I must remind myself of my capable me.  ‘Remember when you completed the Kindle book technical publishing process Sandor?  Sandor, remember when you rode the Nitro Roller Coaster at Great Adventure and survived, although the paramedics carried you off in a catatonic state?’   These accomplishments are very nice reminders of what Sandor is capable of doing.

23 comments on “Sandor

    • My boyfriend from 1981 gave me that name. We would get drunk, etc., and he’d called me “Sandor the Barbarian!” But Sandor likes to help people. She helps old lady cross the street and helps them down flights of stairs, unsuccessfully! Tee hee! I went on Nitro with peer pressure. I was scared shitless. Two of the friends I went with were dead set on going on and convinced me it’d be ok. I sat between them and squeezed the heck out of their hands so hard during the whole ride I thought there’d be blood. It was awful Mme. Weebles!

    • I made the paramedic part up. The catatonic state, well, I did remain sitting there between my two friends after the ride was finished just staring into space, shocked, while they laughed at me like hyenas! Thanks for the cheer Miss Four Eyes!

  • LOVE roller coasters, so I went on You Tube to check this bad boy out…Now I’m going to have to actually go and check it out! Sorry it flattened you…thanks for the heads up? xoM

    • You’re a brave one my friend. I told my roller coaster loving friends about my theory of roller coaster types. I wondered if they have less adrenaline in their systems. I dunno — all I know is that I’m already an anxious person, who pumps up adrenaline just being around people. Good luck on this — if you’re a roller coaster person — you’ll love it!

    • Thanks Jennifer! Publishing this book has been one heck of a process, but at least I can say I did that before I die. I think I’m done with roller coasters — I’m glad I lived through it all to talk about it.

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