Lopsided T**ties with Scabs on Them

Published May 4, 2012 by Sandee

Perhaps a series of images and sounds gathered in your subconscious during the day lead you to remember this bitch who visited your boyfriend in the hospital while you were there.  Aforementioned bitch walked right by you and said nothing.  Your recovering boyfriend was in the hospital bed on the phone.  He looked up briefly, scared as shit – he darted his eyes quickly down to the receiver.  He knew that you knew who she was.  Said bitch didn’t even bother to introduce herself.  So you said, “My name is Sandee AND YOU ARE?!”  She answered so innocently but you knew what the fuck her name was just as well as she knew yours.

Ahhkh, it’s a long story…  I had an issue with her not only because she was pretty.  She was a supposed ‘platonic’ friend of my boyfriend.  He had shown me a picture of her.  I said, “Hell no!  She’s just your friend?  Come on!”  Okay so while I’m not ridiculously jealous, I’m also not that evolved.  The issue wasn’t just her looks — it was some of the things he had told me about her.  She favored husbands and boyfriends of other women.  Her character was shady, besides that.

He tried to convince me that it was all good.  He had shared enough anecdotes, due to my prodding, that I was able to deduce that she was an unprincipled twat.  “Why would you want to be friends with somebody like that?  She’s the devil!”  I said.  How stupid me, yes.

He told me that while they never had sex, she actually did show him her twat.  “She has big titties.  Why didn’t she show you those?  That’s weird,” I said.  “Hey but you know that’s, kinda cool,” I said after reflecting for a moment.  “Funny,” I continued.  “Yeah,” he said, nodding.  “She showed you her pussy – ha!  Like how?”  I said.  “She just lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to the side.”  “Wowww…”

He also told me that she liked metal, and if you’ve seen my last few posts or my ‘About’ page, you’ll see that I’m a death metal enthusiast.  “Hm,” I said when he told me.  She liked metal and uniquely flashed her vagina, while a common woman would have gone for the obvious titty-flash.  This brought another dimension to the situation, to their relationship.  I wondered about who this person might be.  So I fleshed her out to be maybe a little more than just a common twat.  But then I thought, maybe she showed him her vagina because she had lopsided titties with scabs on them.

18 comments on “Lopsided T**ties with Scabs on Them

    • Thanks Stacie! You know I did actually break up with him — bad writing — I should have made that clear — but you know I do think he was cheating on me. Thanks for cheering me on! A Sword-chinned bitch could use a little support every now and again!

  • yeah I’m glad you were smart enough to break up with him. You know so many women let that kinda crap go on and on living a delusion about their man for years just to have someone. That is why guys think they can almost flaunt these hoes around. Good for you for not falling for it.

  • Whoa! Doesn’t say much for the woman, no imagination of seduction? Just Bam! Meet my little friend who lives in the dark! ;/ Doesn’t say much for the guy come to that… Oh you’re soo much better of without and put it down to a lucky escape! Gave me a giggle though

  • Either lopsided titties with scabs, or maybe she didn’t want him to see the shriveled twin protruding from her chest—since she sounds like enough of a she-demon to take and resorb whatever she can.

  • I have to say I’m kind of stuck on the flashing of the “twat.” That is….well, not the first thing I would flash. In Gypsy cultures it is actually a massive insult and downright curse. Seeing that the guy in question was the real twat, maybe you should take the tack of forging an alliance with a fellow curser of twat-head dudes. After all the twat head in question is the source of your information on her….oh never mind, you dumped them both. Good for you.

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