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Everyday is brand new where anything is possible, right?

Published July 17, 2012 by Sandee

Wouldn’t it be great if I could maintain the idea that my success should be defined by the quality of my relationships with people?  It would be cool if I could make my goal everyday to be of service to people simply in my attitude or otherwise.  If I appreciate that work is a place where my success can be demonstrated in how improved my relationships with my coworkers are, then I can be more easily satisfied with my life.

I feel satisfied when I offer my help without any expectations or think of work as a place where I can be of service to people, leaving my ego out of it. It’s an accomplishment to figure out a way to get along with difficult people.  A difficult relationship can be a challenge that helps me.  I try to understand where these people might be coming from. I also examine myself truthfully, to handle negative feelings I have about them.  I stay humble and try not to be so easily offended.  I don’t walk around beatifically, but I want to give off energy that makes me approachable. Sometimes it’s not like that though.  I don’t want to talk too much about this because I fall short, as it should be — that’s where the lessons are.  I’m not a guru.  Life sucks a lot of the time and I am not a Pollyanna.

A woman at my job had a hiatus.  When she came back she said she had been thinking about me.  She said that I helped her see things in a positive light.  She gave me a gift.  Actually she gave me two gifts, one was a physical gift along with a card and a special note to me, the other was the gift of love and appreciation.  Another example of this type of success I experienced after a job assignment that I had was over.  The office manager there said that she would miss my smile.  She said I was a class act.  I realized that I succeeded in what I was trying to accomplish, that what I had hoped to transmit was actually received.

“It’s against the law! I’m calling the police!”

Published May 27, 2012 by Sandee

Mona! C’mon, get outta here like this!”

“I’m working dammit — can’t you see.”

“You can’t sit at your desk wearing that tiara, butt naked.”

“Why? I do good work and I come in on time, you fucker.”

“It’s against the law! I’m calling the police!”

“Ahahahahaha! You fuckers always get your panties in a bunch. I’m a goddamned good worker who produces good work — I don’t fight coworkers and I always recycle.”

“You think this is a nudist colony?”

“No, do you? You think it’s prison — you think it’s a tribunal — you think it’s a dictatorship — you think it’s your own planet.  Kiss my naked ass you sap-sucking son of a bitch!”

“Oh yeah?”

“You won’t do it because it ain’t in the protocol. That’s the one thing I hate about you, Fred!”

“Mona, for chrissakes people are coming, please put some clothes on!”

Mo-naah, for chrissakes people are coming, please put some clothes on. Wah wah, waaahhh! I want my momma — I want my bobo — I want my caca — I want my pee pee — I want my doo doo!”

You sicken me!”