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Haitians, Hexes, and Haagen Daas

Published April 24, 2012 by Sandee

Yesterday I wanted to put hexes on people but then thought better of it.  It was fun to talk about anyway.  I was with my friend in the diner talking about a woman with a big fat head that I do not like.  My friend is of Haitian origin.  Haiti is where voodoo comes from.  You could put a mean hex on somebody with voodoo.  “Hey, we could do some voodoo on people we hate,” I told her.  She said we should take a higher ground.  I agreed.  Later, I ate a pint of Haagen Daas lemon ice cream instead (too lazy to use the umlaut).  I was in a bad mood.

I just figured out I can post videos in here.  As my post the other day says, I’m a Luddite so I am slow moving when it comes to computers and technology and all that gunk.  If I had known this I would’ve posted more videos.  I listened to my favorite music yesterday and I thought I might post it and I did but I deleted it because I thought it might be too severe.  It helped me to get over my bad mood but I’m not normal so I had to consider that.