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Muy Liberating

Published December 8, 2012 by Sandee


Since I have no privacy on Facebook and even in my own blog where anyone can come see what I’ve written, I can safely comment in other blogger’s comments sections, where I can say things I can’t talk about on my own fb page and in my own blog.  I need to be open in my blog and Facebook account because I’m selling a book.  It wouldn’t make sense for me to not advertise them.

But in other blogger’s comments sections, I can say I think the maintenance man’s cute and I want to sex him, or that I hate this one, and that this one stinks and has quite a large head, or that I stink because I haven’t taken a shower in four days.  It’s muy liberating to be able to do this.

So I want to give a shout out to all my lovely bloggers who have hosted my plaints in their comments.

All I need to worry about is someone super stalking me, by following all the blogs that I follow – holy shit I’d be fucked right about then.