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The Properties of a Buffoon

Published April 7, 2012 by Sandee


I wonder.  Does a person go to hell for laughing and being insensitive about people’s infirmities?  You can use your imaginations regarding the particular infirmities.  But I did, today — now I’m scared.  And I’m a wee bit concerned about bad karma too.  Granted – one of the ‘infirm’ people I believe deserved it – in his rendition of what he thought to be an alpha male, he actually demonstrated the properties of a buffoon. Believe me I have a long history with this person and his buffoonery – I’m not excusing the possibility that I might have been insensitive.  I didn’t laugh in his face – I laughed when I got home, far far away from him.  Damn, I wish I could irreverently relay what the fuck actually happened – I do a pretty damn good impression of this person and his infirmity.

To be fair and understanding of my position – my ninety year old grandma laughs at the people in her senior home all the time.  They’re all infirm.  Oh, but I know, I’m not her.  Right?  Plus she’s a little senile and I’m not (I don’t think).

Okay, well, the other person that I’m referring to I didn’t laugh at.  She actually was old, and her ‘infirmity’ interrupted my morning bus ride to work dammit.  Please have sympathy for me as it was early, I hadn’t slept the night before, and for Christ’s sake, I was going to work!  Bad karma, I imagine, would involve me contracting these very infirmities…