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Published August 7, 2012 by Sandee

Lurch was the first death metal artist.  Mortician sounds suspiciously like him — and here I thought they originated the incomprehensible hardcore ditty.  They were influenced by Lurch!

Check out Lurch:

Did you see me in there doing the Watusi?  So you’re not easily fooled — it isn’t me.  I just relate to Wednesday.  When the first Addam’s Family movie came out, three people said I reminded them of her, with her adorable blasé morbidity and light musings on death.

I understand that people can’t take my elevator music.  I listen to death metal as background music, dinner music, romantic music – it relaxes me.  But for those who dare, check out similarities between Lurch and Mortician.

While they don’t rock the harpsichord like Lurch, I like the driving, inexorable rhythm of this song.  Mortician usually opens with a snippet from a grade Z horror movie before getting into their industrial juggernaut.  I see haute couture models stomping the runway to this — it’s avant garde fashion show music!  If you don’t listen to it, take my word, Mortician was, like, totally inspired by Lurch: