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Antonio Baka Guy

Published June 1, 2012 by Sandee

I had this album by Shonen Knife.  It’s called “Let’s Knife.” The songs popped into my head this morning while I was jogging.  These girls were from Japan. I feel like they were f**king with us — Americans — it’s great! It’s in the same vein as the names on those hole in the wall Chinese restaurants they have in Manhattan with names like U-Like, Broadway China and — this is a kicker — Yuk Fu!  Ahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!  They sell fried chicken and macaroni and cheese!  But I’m off on a tangent — here are two songs I like from the album.  I include the first verses from both of them:

Tortoise Brand Pot Cleaner

Tortoise brand pot cleaner

Specially selected pot cleaner

The best pot cleaner in the world is

Specially selected Tortoise Brand…

Antonio Baka Guy

Oh, big Baka Guy

He is big about two feet

Oh, big Baka Guy

He came from an African beach

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Baka Guy…