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Published November 28, 2012 by Sandee

Once in a blue moon I buy a lottery ticket, then I do what comes naturally — what ad agencies know about our mental make-up — I fantasize.  This is how the ad campaign “All you need is a dollar and a dream” came to be.

A friend mentioned the power ball to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed.  I thought Gee whiz, I’ll be out of a job next week and I need dental work.  I might be chosen to win this time.  Plus, I’m humble – hehehe – if I win, I thought, I’d stay in this very same apartment, but I could pay to get my sofa fixed, that’s all — oh and of course I would give money away.  That’s why I deserve to win it.  So I bought a ticket.  I asked Sol, who owns the candy store, how it all works, when to check for numbers, etc.

George Orwell satirized the sad nature of excessive lottery ticket buying.  Thank goodness I don’t have this habit.  But whenever I do buy a ticket I feel like a big fat sucker, and I got suckered tonight.