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My Le Clown Contribution to The Nifty Noet’s Society

Published May 20, 2012 by Sandee


This couldn’t have come at

a better time

because I’ve had Mr. Le Clown

on my mind.

I thought I’d do a post

sayin’ ‘Where ya been?’ and

that I hope all is well up in the

Northern end.

I talk to some nice people in the blogosphere

including you Ms. ink.Anette my dear.

Somehow we keep it going

’till the break of dawn,

but this party ain’t the same

when Sir Le Clown is gone…


Vagina poem

Published April 26, 2012 by Sandee


‘twas the last century when I visited one of my dearest friends, Alisha.  Her mother had redecorated.  Though this was long ago in the 1900s, in my mind’s eye, I recall a baroque style with fringes, tassels and tapestry prints; the colors were pinks, mauves, soft burgundys and creams.  The glass lamps were pale pink hues and there was a chaise lounge.  Ooo la la, Paree!  I wanted to stay there forever.  The room had enveloped me.

I went home and wrote a poem about it, a very bad poem (well maybe not that bad).  Another dear friend, Chickie La Loca gave me the incentive to dig it out from a dusty old box of files.  Here it is:

Your room looks like the inside of a vagina

Mauves so warm you

could slip inside an

enveloping leisure

under an overhead

soft tone lamp shaped

like a shell.

Stretch out on the cream

chaise lounge

and breath in a deep

breath so deep;

let it out when

you feel like it,

in a burgundy mist chair…