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Inside of a Living Orb

Published August 3, 2013 by Sandee


Today I interpreted life scientifically — as scientifically as one who never studied science could interpret it.   I’m an organism in some larger chain of events inside of a living orb.  Being with my friends last night helped to inspire this perception, though I do see life that way periodically.   It’s interesting thinking about why people might breed, how some people have chemistry that’s more compatible to life, how some people don’t have this chemistry — how they might be weaker links in the larger chain — why symmetrical people get all the damn benefits.

My friends are a couple that I met about six years ago.  The husband’s a physicist.  He likes explaining basic physics to me.  We have the same politics — not everyone else’s.  I like talking to them because they understand where I’m coming from.   We went to dinner and to a music festival.  Between violin sets at the festival the husband told me more physics stuff.  Ask me what he said and I’ll tell you a big blank I don’t remember — he did say something about atoms however.

I told him I should study physics in old age to keep the neurons fired up.  He has a Ph.D. in it.  I don’t think I’ll be doing that.  I have always liked the idea of using physics metaphorically in my creative writing.  I might hire my buddy as a consultant when I write my next novel.

Coincidentally or not, the Humans of New York Facebook page featured a young woman who said that she wanted to go back to school to study physics, while she had originally received a degree in art.  She says physics is like art.  Wow…  I’m onto something.