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Published August 7, 2012 by Sandee

Lurch was the first death metal artist.  Mortician sounds suspiciously like him — and here I thought they originated the incomprehensible hardcore ditty.  They were influenced by Lurch!

Check out Lurch:

Did you see me in there doing the Watusi?  So you’re not easily fooled — it isn’t me.  I just relate to Wednesday.  When the first Addam’s Family movie came out, three people said I reminded them of her, with her adorable blasé morbidity and light musings on death.

I understand that people can’t take my elevator music.  I listen to death metal as background music, dinner music, romantic music – it relaxes me.  But for those who dare, check out similarities between Lurch and Mortician.

While they don’t rock the harpsichord like Lurch, I like the driving, inexorable rhythm of this song.  Mortician usually opens with a snippet from a grade Z horror movie before getting into their industrial juggernaut.  I see haute couture models stomping the runway to this — it’s avant garde fashion show music!  If you don’t listen to it, take my word, Mortician was, like, totally inspired by Lurch:

Dismember me

Published July 14, 2012 by Sandee

Gee Whiz!  I tell some people I’m a death metal enthusiast and they think it’s 80s hair metal music.  No, I’m afraid I don’t do 80s hair metal.  However, I do listen to a lot of old-school death metal.  I have a Mortician, Obituary and Nocturnal Dominion station on Pandora.  The music on either of these stations has similar elements to these primary groups.  Pandora has introduced me to a lot of new groups as well.  Pantera and Metallica are soft compared to this music, besides they’re also commercial.  Death metal can be progressive and very arty.  It’s nihilistic and iconoclastic with morbid undertones.  That’s so me.  It’s not a bad thing.  It’s severe and inaccessible to people who have certain musical expectations rhythmically or lyrically, etc.  Some of the lyrics are brilliant.  Some of the lyrics are vile and would be considered offensive for various reasons.  (I don’t listen to neo nazi black metal or far right metal.) Some lyrics don’t make sense but I don’t care, just as long as they’re screaming and beating me over the head.  I tend to glaze over what they’re saying in these cases because the abstract elements are too essential.  I was always into metal — except for those 80s hair bands.  I started with Led Zeplin, Black Sabbath, et al, but in the eighties I gravitated to independent stations and started listening to a segment called “Hell Hole,” and I was in Heaven.  The music was punk, death metal, gothic.  I never looked back.  I just like it hard.  What can I say?  I do listen to other music but death metal is church music to me.  The primal elements help my rage.  There’s also humor in this type of anti-music.  The screaming and growling is so refreshingly absurd.  I’ll be old listening to it.  I came home from the traumatic dental experience in excruciating pain and it so soothed the angst of the savage beast:

A Sword Chinned B**ch’s Romantic List of Music

Published June 28, 2012 by Sandee

The ideal portrayed in love songs is unattainable and frozen in time, static and packaged. Often these songs barely reflect the complexity of sex and relationships.  So I don’t want to hear this kind of music while I’m having sex.  I don’t need all that smooth-talking and flowery music.  If the sentiment expressed in these songs exists between me and the person I’m having sex with then we don’t need the artificial accompaniment.  I might enjoy listening to “love songs” when I’m not having sex however.  A couple of my favorites that might remotely be classified as ‘love songs’ still can’t even be strongly identified with the music typically considered such — ELP’s Still, I Just Wanna Make Love to You by Etta James,  and Girl Blue by the Main Ingredient.

Overall I find love songs too sugary.  The songs I like are wild, passionate, furious and have sensual and infectious rhythmic patterns and beats – isn’t that what great sex should be?  Check out at least a couple of a Sword Chinned Bitch’s songs to have sex to below:

1.   My Thang, by James Brown:

2.   Make Some Room, by Sade:

3.   Crazy Train, by Black Sabbath:

4.   Incantation, Nocturnal Dominion:

5.   Moondance, by Summoning:

6.   Kingdom Gone, by At the Gates:

7.   Nar Mataru/God of Emptiness, by Morbid Angel:

8.   Poison, by Bell Biv Devoe:

9.   Been a Long Time, by Led Zepplin:

10. Dancing Days, by Led Zepplin :

11.  Rock Lobster, by the B52s (I did it before they did it in the movie!):

12. Funeral Feast, by Mortician:

13. Slam, by Onyx: