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Extreme Love From An Insane Auntie

Published June 10, 2012 by Sandee

  Antie Sandee

   They tried escaping.

   They giggled and squirmed while I squeezed the blood circulation from their torsos.

   They have teeth marks on their arms…

I held their hands in a vice-grip and was blue because their fingernails snapped off.

I kissed their cheeks and their faces turned shades of teal which was very bad and made their father mad.

I steal my own money to buy them things.

Their mama snatched the little one away as I began to pop off his head with a headlock of love…

When I visit they scamper to the door never ever are they mindful that I shall do this once more…



I Love My Friend

Published April 20, 2012 by Sandee

It’s nice to have friends who care.  My friend called me the other day.  She said she had read my post Suicide Mobiles and she was worried.  I said, “You mean Euthanasia Mobiles.  I wrote a post about Euthanasia Mobiles, and it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, it was black humor.”  “Euthanasia Mobiles, Suicide Mobiles, whatever.  I just hope that you get to the other side.  I’ve been praying for you.  I pray for you everyday.”  “I’m fine.  The post was meant to be funny.  But thanks for praying for me,” I said.

I woke up the next morning strangely grateful that I could tell whether it was dusk or dawn, and for knowing exactly what I had done the night before.  I was also happy not to have any fear of some unknown terror, the type of terror you feel after a night of heavy “partying” where you might have blacked out.  I haven’t been on a bender or “partied” heavily for years now, so this sudden spike of gratitude for the life that I have now was strange.  It had to have been my friend’s prayers!  That’s exactly what it was!  Yay!  I love her!

Portuguese Love

Published March 30, 2012 by Sandee


At the Wave Hill gallery Sunday I explained Teena Marie to an artist from Portugal.  Why?  Be-cause, Teena Marie sang the Portuguese Love song !  I told her, “Teena Marie was a white American who sang like a black woman and she was a very popular R&B artist in the black community.  She went to Portugal and fell in love with it, and with this guy and she wrote this song.”   I sang with my eyes closed in passion and played air guitar to illustrate:   Come on in Por-tu-guese.  Say you love me baaaa-by.  Come on in Por-tu-guese, say you love meeeeee…  Saaay it to me, say it to me, say it to me, say you love me ba-by, Por-tu-guese love…

“Ohhh…,” she says when I finish.  “Yeah she really loved him, and on the beach and everything,” I told her.  We talked about other things too, but what started me on Teena Marie was our discussion of the Portuguese landscape.  I thought of Teena Marie on the beach with this sexy Portuguese guy playing his guitar.  By the way, I don’t think Teena Marie plays the guitar in this song.  I just played air guitar in my version, plus everybody knows Teena Marie did play the guitar anyway.

The artist was really friendly.  Her artwork by the way was kick-ass, photographs of trees completed by her sketch imaging.  She was intrigued by Teena Marie, so she got a pen and a piece of paper.  In her heavy Portuguese accent she asked, “How do you spell the first name?”  “Oh yes, it’s T-e-e-n-a,” I said.  I’m thinking, Holy shit!  She’s really gonna listen to it?!  I’m sure my fine air guitar and song rendition had everything to do with it.  I wonder what a woman from Portugal would think of a song about Portuguese love written by a white woman who sings like a black person…