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Kirkus Indie Reviews My Book, “Mean-Spirited Tales”

Published June 1, 2012 by Sandee

But first:

–  A friend said that she thought that some of the stories were brilliantly woven together – I swear she did!  But she said she didn’t like any of the characters – that kinda hurt.

–  An acquaintance looked at the free view of the first three and a half stories on the Amazon site and raved that I was a very good writer.

–  My mom says…well you know what my mom says…

So this is what Kirkus says:

– “Although not blatantly comical, Harris’s stories are sometimes tinged with a macabre sense of humor… and in the three-page-long screenplay-styled “The Best Daaaamn Yogurt,” a “pseudo French Canadian gremlin” uses her magic dust to avoid paying for her favorite yogurt, with hints about the gremlin’s non-gremlin family life… At times, this jagged incompleteness can be stirring, as it captures something of the serendipity of urban, drunken life.”

Kirkus can kiss my ass.  What my mom says is accurate.  I debated on whether to print the Kirkus review because they didn’t say that I was brilliant like my mom says.  So I’m a tad pissed. I think that I’m hard to categorize because I’m a black girl who’s not writing mainstream, political/social black people stories – I don’t fucking know!  (Though, maybe I will one day, maybe I will…)

I asked friends if I should print the review and they said that I should print it so, voila. Anyway, I want to see how well this book does before inflicting you with my novel.  It’s called “The Unavoidable.”  I know you’re looking forward to it!