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Hahahaha, haha — boo hoo hoo!

Published December 3, 2012 by Sandee


Are you ready?  There’s gonna be a whole lotta me on this blog!  I’m unemployed beginning tomorrow!  So I’ll be posting three, four, five, six, seven, eight times a day! Between this and going to the nudist colony with my friend “Tom,” I should be quite occupied. Don’t worry, the posts will be substantive, maybe one or two of them anyway, the others will be run-of-the-mill whining, self-searching, lashing-out, self-flagellating, accusatory stuff.

I kicked it all off today with a really nice dinner at Mamajuana with a couple of friends, a brilliant distraction from the reverie of doom that might occupy my mind on the dawn of unemployment. The good news is that I may be back to work there in the Springtime.  How could you not want to work here — yeah I used my cheap ass phone camera:

Perkinsperkins2weeping gothicaquatic garden 2pathwaygazebowild gardenwoodland path

Haha, so cute — my boss on my first review there seven years ago, says, she says, “Sandee enjoys coming to work.”

I was an enthusiastic five-year old swinging a new lunch pail on the way to kindergarten.

See you all in fifteen minutes with my next posting!