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Ooooh Hap-py Daaaaay!

Published November 21, 2012 by Sandee

In the shower I backed up and bent down to pick up my wash cloth — good mor-ning sun-shiiiine!  Houston, we’ve just landed on that thing you pull up and push down to get the shower going and shutting off.  Reminds me of the time I took a whore’s bath stooped in the tub.  The faucet was being repaired, so the water just shot out of a hole in the wall in a forceful stream.  I took my time getting it repaired.

Happy discoveries brighten my day.  They are the unguent on which I might slide into the next, freely oiled and beneficent, unarmed and happy, facing beasts, motherfuckers, slimy bastards, and sons of bitches with a smile and a prayer!  Ooooh Hap-py Daaaaay!