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Unorthodox Sex

Published November 13, 2013 by Sandee

When I jog through the Orthodox Jewish community, I wonder what the men are like without all those black clothes.  Some of them are tall and handsome — swarthy.  The black clothes make them look mysterious.  Nothing inspires more curiosity than a man belonging to a tight knit community established in ritual — centuries old.

I make eye contact with a few as I jog, sweaty — breathing hard.  A couple have stared at me and smiled, some nod.  Don’t believe it?  I’m delusional?  Maybe they’re just “community oriented”?  I think they want me.  Yeah.  I fancy having a go at one or two of them.  I like beards too.

It was that article in the New York Times, the one about the community of Orthodox Jews you don’t know, the ones who smoke – the ones who do things you don’t associate with such a community — subterranean things.  Oy!  The dichotomy!  What lies in that contradiction between the supposed existence and the actual existence?

What?  You’re forbidden by scripture?  Are you racist?  Why does that matter — we’re all racists.  That shouldn’t get in the way of exercising ones right to explore the boundaries of primal gratification, outside the confines of expectation.  Right?

. רק כל עוד אנחנו לא עושים את זה עם חור בסדין