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Published December 13, 2013 by Sandee

Pornographic music goes way back, and when daguerreotype was invented, people made some of the earliest pornographic pictures.  But there were even photo processes before that, and I know that these people experimented with more than just images of ripened fruit.  There was early pornographic silent film, literature and sheet music.  Before the early records, photos, movies and books, there were pornographic paintings, drawings — pornographic cave etchings…

This is why some of the affectations of the so-called risqué songs and photos of today put me to sleep.  I know that this behavior had been explored since the early days of human existence, by those who couldn’t ignore their natural curiosities, even at risk of being drawn and quartered.  These early pornographic interpretations are more interesting and original, especially considering the historic context.

A Facebook buddy posted a link with an article suggesting that the filthy songs produced in the 1930s might have been the “filthiest” ever.

In the link, Lucille Bogan’s voice and the look on Harry Roy’s face somehow reminded me of syphilitic lunacy.  Lucille Bogan has an unapologetic, devilish style, and she gets right to the point.  She is in hysterics in the middle of the song with the idea of these “filthy” indulgences.  Harry Roy looks like someone about to participate in something unholy, where “utensils” may or may not be used.  I don’t know who the guy in that last picture is, but you should just take a look at him – just look at him!

Not suggesting that the excessive love of sex should bring this misery upon anyone, and certainly not saying that these musicians had syphilis.  Just saying though.  God forbid condoms, dental dams and antibiotics had never been invented, a lot of us might be just about as screwed.  Long live evolucion!

I had not heard these before – golly, they’re so much fun!