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A rotary phone with a squiggly long cord

Published November 20, 2012 by Sandee

I’m half of a hundred, I’m free.  I just told a guy that I had a Facebook crush on him.  Would I have been too cautious to say this at twenty-five?  I don’t know because that was the last century.  Facebook hadn’t been invented yet.

So would I have been able to tell this same guy face-to-face that I had a crush on him?   Would I have been able to tell him during a rotary phone conversation — by Pony Express?   I’m such a silly dewy – Pony Express! Ahaha!

But I don’t even know if I would have used any of these modes of communication for conveying a crush, because like I said, it was a Facebook crush, a different animal.  I haven’t seen this guy since he was a kid either.

But generally I think I’d tell a guy I had a crush on him.  I’m bold if I have a hankering for you.  I’m possessed by my hormones then and you should hear some of the stuff coming out of my mouth.  I should have been a dude, I’ve got so much swerve.

There are many things I feel more confident saying nowadays, and not just because of premenopause hormones – speaking of hormones.  I’m on the planet half a century and have been through more.  My theories have been tested and proven to work.

It gets better.  I hear we can turn off that filter completely and, you know, let it fly.  Like grandma.  She says what she wants.  You should’ve heard what she said when I told her I kissed a boy dressed like a girl.  It was absolutely vile what she said.  I laughed two days.

That’s why I don’t want to visit her now because I’ve nearly shaved my head.  She WILL say something about it and I WILL say something back.  That’s how we roll.  But she know I luv huh.

At the half century mark I’m just warming up.  Protect your heads.  No more hemming and hawing, beating around the bush, no sugar-coating or pretty euphemisms. With time running out, my language will be condensed.  There will be nuggets of truth flying in the air hitting people in the head.  Who said getting old wasn’t any fun?

The Monster

Published August 3, 2012 by Sandee

I had a crush on Frankenstein’s Monster when I was a girl.  He was very sweet but nobody understood him.  He was pushed into a corner and had to come out fighting.  “You treat like monster?  I act like monster,” he says.  He didn’t ask to come into this world, into this horrible place — very much like me.  He reaches out but people wearing liederhosen throw rocks and chase him while carrying torches–very much like what happens to me.

At Halloween time, which is my Christmas, I put framed pictures of my first honey in different poses all over my apartment.  I’m excited as the time is nigh.  I love October! And away with this stinkin’ humidity and season of funky ass crack stench!  I don’t want to intrude on Eva Halloween’s territory but I want to share this wonderful opener for the Saturday evening Creature Feature movies, circa 1970somethingorother.  Eva Halloween has the coolest site, especially for Halloween enthusiasts.  I remember three of my girl cousins and I  huddled in their bedroom one Saturday evening, watching Creature Features.  All the lights were turned out and we had popcorn — good times, good times.  This is when I first divulged my crush.  They paid my honey very little to be in this video because they thought he was stupid.  But he was not.  He knew it would make him famous.  There’s a little public announcement at the beginning but it’s kind of cool and retro: