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They Wouldn’t Give Me Any Cake

Published May 9, 2012 by Sandee


I was going to write about having sex with Clark Gable for the 4th time but instead I chose cake.  Besides, my interludes with Clark Gable may start to read like a Twilight Zone episode.  A lonely lady conjures the spirit of CG.  He tells her how brilliant she is and he whispers in her ear, ‘I understand you lover’, then he tells her to ‘Come sit, sit right here my dear.  YES that’s it, that’s it!  Right…ah yes there.’

I tried to get a piece of cake at the Hebrew Home for the Aged at Riverdale when I visited grandma at lunchtime. They rolled it out on a cart and I ran to it like a jack rabbit in the woods. “Oooo ooo-ooo can I have a piece?”  It looked so good, like they bought it from a classy bakery.  It didn’t look like supermarket sheet cake – which are absolutely fine with me as well.  It had thick white frosting with pink piping around the edges and a fruity red filling – I’m starting to breath heavily.

They wouldn’t give me a piece.  “It fah de residents,” the lady said before handing out pieces to the old people.  My g’ma got a piece.  I thought about just snatching it from her before she said, “You want mine?”  She had dug into it and heaved a piece into her mouth.  She’d already messed around with it and when she talks sometimes particles fly out of her mouth back onto her plate – “Uh, no thanks,” I said.

Her table mates, “Matthew” and “Methuselah” had cake.  Matthew said he’d give me his – the sweetie!  He was more concerned about spaghetti.  “They make it here honey,” he says.  Matthew peppers every other sentence to you with “honey.”  “The cook over there, he’s Italian, honey.  I spoke to him the other day, he said they’d give it to us on Wednesday.” Methuselah had fallen earlier in the day poor thing.  We talked about that.  He said that the lump on his head didn’t hurt and wondered if there was a part of the head where you didn’t feel as much pain.  I said I didn’t know.  Methuselah was thinking about writing a book about the lump on his head to make people feel sorry for him.  My g’ma said they get cake for all of the residents with birthdays during the same month.  “Oh that’s right.  Isn’t it my birthday today?”  She said suddenly.  “It’s May 8th grandma, your birthday’s February 7th,” I said.  “Oh yes, that’s right,” she said laughing.  I left there without getting cake.  But I’ll be there at lunchtime at the beginning of next month when maybe they have another nice cake.

Sex With Clark Gable

Published May 7, 2012 by Sandee


The beauty of watching a movie in bed then falling asleep during the movie is that sometimes you get to have sex with stars.  I watched The Misfits after a long hard day, so I fell asleep even before it ended (I’ve seen it before, years before however).

I had sex with Clark Gable!  He was all rugged and tan, like in the movie, and he was looped up on scotch!  We we’re on the sofa in I don’t know who the fuck’s house (it was a dream after all), and it was real yo!  Having read Kyle Mew’s great post about big dicks,, I suppose I transported the thought to the dream and voila!  In the name of Zeus!  Clark had length, he had breadth (though it isn’t a necessity)!

Try it sometime.  When you’re really really sleepy, pop in a movie with your favorite star.  Drift off, and you could be going down on or getting got down on by Hollywood’s finest — or if you prefer, pop in an independent or foreign film, for an interlude with one of those quirky stars who speaks foreign to you the whole time.

My next movie’s gonna be Frankenstein — I’ve always had the hots for “The Monster!”