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Blasted Widgets!

Published May 3, 2012 by Sandee

I don’t know how to make my Pepto Bismol colored blog look better.  I don’t know how to use the widgets.  Yesterday I tried to get the Goodreads widget from their site so that readers can click on my book which is advertised on that site.  It was frustrating.  I left messages for them but they haven’t gotten back to me yet.  I am the Luddite so I get frustrated with these technical processes.

I don’t have a camera or even a decent phone to take a half-ass photo of myself – forget about videos!  The picture above is one that my brother-in-law took of me and one of my fake sons.  My sister emailed it to me today.  It was partially cut off.  I’m going to Massachusetts to see my sister, her husband and my fake sons.  My brother-in-law used to have the camera in my face all the time and I hated it.  The pictures he took are of me frowning or shooing him away.  Now that this old Luddite has been dragged to the 21st century, and has joined the facebook, the twatter – I mean the twitter, and blogging, I need to have more photographs of me.  So I would like for my shutterbug brother-in-law to snap snap away so that I can put photos of me and my fake sons on my social media.  Yesterday I was so mad I wanted to throw glass, but I listened to this instead and felt relief: (More sick music for sick people, a phrase that I used for the title of my post the other day – I meant to mention that I didn’t coin that phrase.  I don’t like taking credit for shit I didn’t make up.):