What names have you been called?

Published March 6, 2015 by Sandee


(“Señorita Chupacabra”)

My family didn’t give me a nickname (except my brother that one time), but during the years, people have called me names, and I didn’t mind being called these names — most of the time.

“You sword-chinned bitch!” is what my little ten year old brother yelled at me in 1973, during an argument. Much later, I mentioned that to people, and they fell down, laughing on the floor, so I used that name as my first blogger name. It was a tribute to my brother, sort of.

When my first nephew was born, I was so in love with him that my coworkers started calling me “Auntie Sandee.” Then my second nephew was born, cementing my identity as a spinster aunt – I mean, as an aunt. Some of you bloggers picked up on it and started calling me “Auntie Sandee,” too.

I had a Jimi Hendrix-type boyfriend who used to call me “Sandor,” “Sandor the Barbarian,” initially. This was back around 1981. And this sticks! My sister, seven year old nephew, and best friend still call me “Sandor.” Sometimes, my sister calls me “Sandwhore” — a twist on the old moniker! When my three year old nephew begins to grasp more language nuances, maybe he’ll call me “Sandor,” as well. He just only learned to say “Sandee,” without it sounding like “Dadee.”

The next three mean the same thing – they’re transient names, because different people have used these names to describe me throughout the years. The long and short of it – I suppose I’m out there — the names are, “kook,” “space cadet,” and “nutcase.” Now, mind you, the names were always used lovingly. But, if you were to insert the prefix, “you fucking,” obviously, it becomes something else.

The last two names, “La Sucia” y “Chupacabra,” were given to me by a Mexican friend. “La Sucia!” he’d scream upon seeing me. Actually, it was I who gave me the name while chatting with him once, and he just latched onto it. Was I dirty that day? I can’t remember. Well anyway, “Chupacabra” is a name that we called each other. I’d call him “Chupacabra” then he’d call me “Chupacabra”– “Hey Chupacabra!” – “What’s up Chupacabra!” The name belonged to both of us, except for the times that he called me “Señorita Chupacabra.” Unfortunately, I’m not so friendly with him anymore.

It’s fun learning people’s nicknames. Have any of you been called the names that I have been called? Have you called anyone else these names? What kinds of names have you all been called?

34 comments on “What names have you been called?

  • It’s kinda cool that you don’t get offended with nick names cause even when my mum tries to make ‘Nyme’ of ‘Naima’; I get a lot agitated and remind her that it’s N-a-i-m-a.
    Anyway, I think I should call you Anuty Sandee too lol what do you think?

    Much love,

    • Aw, I like “Nyme” — I suppose the things our moms do sometimes do agitate us, however. 🙂

      I didn’t know if “Anuty” was a typo — but then I thought — Oh, a play on the word “Aunty,” with the hint that I’m “nutty” lol!

  • I’ve been called: Little Debbie, Big Deb, Deb-a-Whora, Deb….nothing ever sticks though. T has been asking for a nickname as of late. I told him the process had to be “organic” and “one day, someone will just start calling you something and it may just stick.”

    • Aw, thanks, Mike! I am especially “Cool” today, as you might imagine, with all the damn snow out there 🙂 And that ‘terrible’ music happens to be my inspirational music!

  • I’m hesitate to mention some of the strange names I’ve been called lest someone starts calling me them online… But given some of my peculiarities, my hubs likes to call me Sheldon, as in Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. Hey, I like my spot on the couch, what can I say…

  • I remember sword chinned bitch! I didn’t know where that came from, Sandee. Thanks for the background. And of course, I’d like to call you Auntie Sandee. You have quite a repertoire of names there. I was called Aim in elementary, or sometimes Blue Aim, for the toothpaste. My dad called me MossBeam – Mossy from Amy (Amos?) and Beam because I was a gymnast and the balance beam. My dad also called me Euclida for Euclid for when he helped me with Geometry. I was horrible at it. In college, I was Amy Blue my freshman year, because we had three Amy’s on one floor. The other two were Amy Black and Amy Red (for their hair color). Mine was for blue eyes. I’m so glad they didn’t call me Amy Brown! I guess I have a few, too. 🙂

    • I love that your dad called you MossBeam and Euclida — sweet! Amy Blue’d be a good rocker name — wow you were a gymnast! — I’m impressed!

      You remind me also that a girl in highschool used to call me Purple all the time because I wore it everyday in different shades — some kind of obsession. Really, the girl didn’t remember my real name is why she called me that — hahahaha!

  • You do have along history of nicknames and like Amy, I recall sword chinned bitch and I also wondered what that one was about. As for me, it’s been V or VA, but I had such a long and stressful day today (or, I should say, this entire week was long and stressful), my new nickname might be Acid Reflux on Feet.

  • I love love love VA for Virginia! V always sounds so cool, however. This sucks big time that this was a stressful week — I’m so glad you’ll get some relief this weekend. Maybe you should avoid Trader Joe’s. Have a restful weekend, V.

  • All I ever got from my mom was variations on my middle name, which was cool. Dad called me “kid” a lot. And my grammy called me “ladybug” after that rather disturbing nursery rhyme.

    Anything else was just bullying from people who didn’t matter.

  • Oh wow — my dad called me “kid” a lot too — he’d ruffle my hair when he said it. Now I’ve got to ‘google’ the nursery rhyme — hahaha!

    You remind me of the nasty names — I conveniently forgot about those — I was really skinny because I was sick in junior high — the worst place for that to happen — the girls were nice to me but the boys called me skeleton head and Chester because I was flat-chested — I suppose it’s a positive thing that these names weren’t what popped up in my head when I wrote this.

  • When I was a kid my mother called me Johnny Five after the robot from Short Circuit. For years after whenever I stumbled out of bed and into the kitchen she would shout ‘Johnny Five is alive!’ And people would think she was crazy.

    • Also — I was in my wordpress reader and saw this post by an unknown blogger, but with the avatar you have — you posted the King Kunta video!!! I’m listening to it now — heyyyyy!

      • Yeah. That was me! I gave up blogging for a bit, then my blog was hacked by some kind of virus and everything was deleted. Anyway got it up and running again I think.

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