Where Else Do I Post Selfies and Shoddy Phone Pictures Since I’m Not On Facebook Anymore (For Now)?

Published February 13, 2015 by Sandee


My previous post was about having cooties. This one’s about recovery. It was nothing serious, but I’m still certainly under the weather. Today was the first time I felt motivated to clean my apartment and go for a walk in my neighborhood. It was just the kind of look I liked outside, but colder than I’d thought.

I only just know how to make quinoa for dinner, so while I waited for my quinoa to finish cooking, I thought I’d post the pictures from my walk that I took with my new smartphone that I bought to replace my old-school Nokia. Really, the pictures don’t look much better than those sad ones I used to post with my low-tech phone.

But I like the sidewalk panel one because it reminds me of Gregory Crewdson. You can google image his work with light and panels and that sort of thing. I have a lot of nerve even uttering his name in the same paragraph including a description of a picture I took with a camera phone — haha! Oh, and I do like the one with the frozen river. The first one in the third row I took because I was actually trying capture this tall, thin man walking in front of me — I liked the imagery of his figure on that block — he walked fast and I couldn’t really get him. Don’t pay any mind to the stupid plastic bag in one of my photos of the trees in the park.

And of course since I’m not on Facebook anymore (for now anyway) I had to include selfies — where else am I gonna post selfies now? There’s one happy and one sad, to represent me with cooties and without.

I apologize but boredom brings out my vanities. So, in the end, I do feel better, and I did manage to burn my quinoa. By the way it’s 3am, and I should be crawling into bed soon. Goodnight…


27 comments on “Where Else Do I Post Selfies and Shoddy Phone Pictures Since I’m Not On Facebook Anymore (For Now)?

  • Nice captures of our city looking its bleakest in the dead of winter, Sandee! Milton and I share the same mantra these days: “I’m sick of the cold!” Glad you’re no longer sick, but sorry that you burned your quinoa. Maybe you should just do cous cous instead? I boil a cup and a half of water. Remove the water from the burner, toss in a cup of cous cous, stir in two tablespoons of EVOO and a dash of salt. Then, I put the lid back on for ten minutes. Remove the lid, fluff with a fork and voila, it’s done. Since your diet is probably nowhere nearly as restricted as mine, you can season the daylights out of your cous cous. End of cooking class.

  • I’ll take that recipe! — You remind me that there’s life outside of quinoa — I get stuck on stupid with food basically eating the same thing everyday — except when it comes to desserts — you know I love cake, donuts, strudels, pies, tarts. I’m eating a glazed orange donut right now! I can see how old and tired people get skinny — not feeling up to cooking and just eating what they want — hahaha! This is my first meal today!

    As far as the bleak pictures — I know right — I’m like the Morticia Addams of WordPress — well, one of them — hahaha! — Mistress of Bleakness! Have a good one!

  • Nice photos my friend. It was like 80 today whilst I read this, wearing my shorts and Tommy Bahama tequila sunshine, unubuttoned stomach tanning, oh dear, am I like ruining our relationship?

    • I’m glad you like the photos! And yes YOU ARE ‘ruining our relationship’ right about now — hahahaha! You lucky thing you! Well, I’m getting the hell out of NYC before long myself. Once I actually did plan to escape, thinking I’d go to New Mexico, but then I remembered — Aw darn! — my granny’s here in the retirement home two miles away — she’s 93 — and I can’t leave her here alone 😦 Maybe I’ll plan to move her with me — she is my really good friend.

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