Published December 16, 2014 by Sandee

decorations VI

“Godzilla” by Fu Manchu, my new song “for an evening of romance.” Feel the pulsation:

Other than that, all’s well and I need to take down my Halloween decorations:

decorations II decorations IIIdecorations IV

I hope all the folks I’ve been blogging with the last couple of years are doing well!

decorations V

So long!







15 comments on “Godzilla!!!

  • Pah! I say leave the Halloween decorations up. After all, it is a British tradition to tell scary ghost stories at Christmas. (What? You thought Dickens came up with ghosts at Christmas all by himself?)

  • I hope you had a good holiday Sandee!

    Have you heard the original Blue Oyster Cult version of this Godzilla song? That’s the version I’m use to… and the Fu Manchu is a slower version but they did a pretty good job covering it… so you might also like the stompy bounce offered in the BLC too, if you haven’t already…

    Happy New Year! 🙂

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