I should be ashamed.

Published August 6, 2014 by Sandee

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I should be ashamed of myself!

I read something (which shall not be named) where the person posted a so-called “damning” text exchange with someone they demonized, but I am solely obsessed with the degenerate scenario that this ‘demon’ set up – was it muy hot-to!

I do need help…

But, who has the right to damn anyone – I live in a glass house and have thoughts that should definitely be terminated. Ask my sister –

“Who thinks that?!!!” She tells me.

“Really, you don’t, think those things, ever?”


Well, at least I don’t actually act the things out, not really.

I tell you one thing, that scenario, I’d like to act that thing out – ha!

32 comments on “I should be ashamed.

  • Saw the photo and thought: Did I miss Sandee in the Hunger Games? Awesome pic!
    You get no judgement from me..nope, I’m not calling the Kettle black..sincerely, the Pot 🙂 Love u 4 u ❤

  • I like the shot! Good light, tricky angle… How boring this world would be, if we were all thought the same way! I say we need some fire in us. Everything’s always so bland and routine…

  • I think we all have those thoughts but we never say them out loud. I’d be very suspicious of anyone who says it never crossed their minds!

  • Howdy Sandee… how ’bout this tid bit: demon comes from latin Daemon which is a minor deity (god) that when Christians went Mono-god or with the One true god, it “demonized” all other gods. It wasn’t that there was one, he was just jealous, so the people had to choose only Him. It’s a battle between the gods which ultimately breaks down to real estate wars. Damning demons is like saying “god damn it”… if you think about it linguistically, which I’m probably the only one who does that. 🙂 I guess I’m a deconstructionist… So… maybe that’s part rocks at glass houses??? Uh…oh… And I don’t remember who Rula Lenska is… so maybe I’m not adding anything to you comment section of value! Oh well.
    Anyhow, I like your little “intrigue” diary post. As always, you rock! 🙂 Oh and I dig your picture too. Fierce girls have more fun.

  • Hi Katherine! I’ve always loved that spelling “Daemon.” Forget Rula Lenska — this is a great contribution — ahahaha! I like that you think of this post as ‘intrigue’ because that’s the way I wanted to communicate it. I was going to write something longer on the subject but it was too preachy and self-righteous.

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