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    • Thanks Audra! I hope you don’t judge me after you’ve read it — oh wait — you’ve read some of my blog, so you know I’m nuts! Hahaha! Have a good one — glad you’ve gotten over some of the hump of your school work — that was one pile ‘o books there in that picture on your blog, I tell ya what!

  • Shredding is a good title and the shredder was a great place to start and really great metaphor for the “whole” of the story. The literal and spiritual “cleaning house” with a shredder that has teeth, the garbage bags that become like body bags, and the way Mona tells her brother she is “hungry” was all so well done. I felt it was strong the way you depicted Mona in how she can completely face herself while simultaneously hiding from herself. Her peeking into the past and destroying the evidence/aspects of her self had me tense as I read. (I am a recovering alcoholic of ten years with my own writing about my drinking life shut away in boxes because it ultimately spooks me.) Your story kind of spooks me too… but that is not a bad thing, just the reality of an addict who can save no one but herself and even then only for a while…) Very powerful work, Sandee. A real punch to my heart.
    Congratulations on publishing your story!

    • Wowwww… Thanks so much Katherine for giving me another perspective of my story! I didn’t even consider the ‘teeth’ aspect — it goes to show how when you appreciate the organic, or natural vibrations of a story, these things develop somewhat on their own without your ‘interference’ even. I’m so glad you can appreciate where I was coming from with this — your comments totally help me with my process. From one recovering addict to another — yay!

  • Just read it on a break during my conference, Sandee. Really enjoyed it. The concept of shredding the accumulated papers in our lives as a metaphor for letting go of certain experiences (or being reminded of them when we don’t really want to be) was clever. As always, I love the dark undertones to your writing. Of course, now I’m wondering if you’ve ever shredded paper naked. πŸ˜‰

  • Oh no Carrie — only the “protagonist” has shredded naked ~wink wink~

    Thanks for the feedback — it helps me a great deal. I didn’t even think about some of what people saw as being metaphorical — it’s funny how the writing process turns out so naturally if you let go. And of course with me there will always be dark undertones — which isn’t for everyone. I categorized this story as tragicomic in a way, I guess.

    • It’s like the old tale of the writer who read a lengthy discussion of his story by a reviewer on what the author meant when he said “The sky was blue” when what the author really meant was “The sky was blue.” πŸ™‚

    • Shauna! Don’t feel obligated to read it — it’s God awful long — 14 pages — take your time if you do want to read it. I still can’t believe that I missed all those days of your blog — I don’t get the email notifications anymore — too overwhelming πŸ™‚ So I go through my reader, but I didn’t see yours which is strange — I’ll have to just type your blog name on the address bar. Have a great weekend!

  • Well, Sandee, I read the story. And, as always, it’s totally Sandee. So very brutally honest and carefully crafted. You really are good, you know. The metaphors work almost unintentionally they’re so natural. I am always struck by your ability to avoid “wasting words”. Every word feels essential and the narrative flows without annoying snags. That’s hard to do, and I think it has to be instinctive. I’m not surprised that the story was chosen for inclusion. Congratulations!

    • Wow! You just made my night George! I really do appreciate you reading it. The feedback helps me a lot as I’ve mentioned in a couple of other comments — thanks for letting me know what worked for you. And wasting words — boy — that’s my sore point with a lot of writing out there. I’m glad that I’m translating exactly what I’d like to.

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