Patrice O’Neal

Published December 7, 2013 by Sandee

Patrice O'Neal

Patrice O’Neal is one of my teachers.  Only a brilliant artist can finesse political incorrectness these days.  He brought the stuff floating around in your head to light with an undeniable humor and intuition about the way the ugly truth really works in your brain.  His comedy was a relief from the distasteful images burning holes in our brains amidst media pressure to think proper thoughts.  Conversely, in his comedy, there was an implied sensitivity about the subjects that he ridiculed.  It takes mad skills to be able to balance the two.

He didn’t play to the least common denominator, the way that a lot of comedians corralled on these “comedy” specials do.  He talked about unpopular, marginal things, and you’d find yourself nodding involuntarily at them.  Yes, some of his comedy made me cringe — but it was worth it.  You can’t doubt his intelligence.  I found him refreshing.  I’d take him over any politically correct person using all the ‘proper’ lingo, etc., whose actions indicate otherwise.  As a black comic, he didn’t use his comedy as an artless tool to lash out.  I know his comedy wasn’t for everyone.  Too bad.

11 comments on “Patrice O’Neal

  • I’ve heard of him, but I’m so woefully behind on my comedians that I’ve never seen his act. But I think comedians should push the boundaries. That’s there job, after all. To make us laugh at everything.

    • Ohhh Shauna — he isn’t for everyone. Personally, I think his so called misogyny is misunderstood — in the context of the stage, he’s inviting you into the arena of his mind, where we might be able to identify with some of the unfiltered thoughts — what did I just say! — hahahaha!

        • You know that did cross my mind! But beyond that, I mean, I know he’s crude, etc., but I see his intelligence and awareness about the world around him — politics, etc. “The Elephant in the Room” was his latest dvd. But you could youtube him from earlier days. There were some on there that you could tell he was still rough around the edges with his style etc.

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