Unorthodox Sex

Published November 13, 2013 by Sandee

When I jog through the Orthodox Jewish community, I wonder what the men are like without all those black clothes.  Some of them are tall and handsome — swarthy.  The black clothes make them look mysterious.  Nothing inspires more curiosity than a man belonging to a tight knit community established in ritual — centuries old.

I make eye contact with a few as I jog, sweaty — breathing hard.  A couple have stared at me and smiled, some nod.  Don’t believe it?  I’m delusional?  Maybe they’re just “community oriented”?  I think they want me.  Yeah.  I fancy having a go at one or two of them.  I like beards too.

It was that article in the New York Times, the one about the community of Orthodox Jews you don’t know, the ones who smoke – the ones who do things you don’t associate with such a community — subterranean things.  Oy!  The dichotomy!  What lies in that contradiction between the supposed existence and the actual existence?

What?  You’re forbidden by scripture?  Are you racist?  Why does that matter — we’re all racists.  That shouldn’t get in the way of exercising ones right to explore the boundaries of primal gratification, outside the confines of expectation.  Right?

. רק כל עוד אנחנו לא עושים את זה עם חור בסדין

31 comments on “Unorthodox Sex

  • Fantastic, Sandee. Always pushing the boundaries in your sweet and unique way. And I mean pushing boundaries only insofar as it seems like a natural part of you–you aren’t trying to push buttons or to rebel. You seem so honest and full of wonder and life with a little cynicism and grit thrown in.
    I love this post so much! It’s refreshing to get to listen to your questions. Thanks for sharing them.

    • Yay! Thanks Katherine! I muy appreciate your comment. I’m glad what I’m saying seems natural, and not an attempt at being edgy or some kind of pretension. Oh of course I wondered if this would be tasteless but I said — to hell with it. I’m not belaboring over any of that. Your feedback means a lot.

  • Sandee, I know what you are talking about girl! lol, I used to love trying to lure “church kids” away from what their momma’s and daddies had taught them lol. The naivety of those who were living a sheltered life was such a turn on. Maybe because I too lived a sheltered life growing up lol.

    • People don’t realize how sexy beards are — all the things you can do with a beard. Beards tickle. I like braiding beards. I don’t mean this to be a Freudian moment but my father had a beard.

  • Subterranean things. Love that one, Sandee. We’re all human, aren’t we? No matter what people wear or have beards or not. I can just see the open exchange of the jogging scene, sweating, smiling…Too funny. I love your stuff.

  • Agreed!
    In any case you probably won’t need to tell then where to put their sexual organs, but for sure where to put their arms and legs. Hahahaha!
    You know, they have never seen a porn movie, never read a sex book, so how are they supposed to know what to do?
    Great post, as usual!

  • Oh Sandee! Wish I seen this before now, sorry I’m late… But… From what I understand is that they use a white sheet, tween them and you,,, soooo… A good night of pash is all well and good my friend but the sheet would be a bit of a downer for me it it’s true! lol

    • Good to “see” you Claire! I always admire your activist heart — hope things are going well.

      Ahahaha! Oh yes. THAT sheet. At the bottom of my post I have in Hebrew: . רק כל עוד אנחנו לא עושים את זה עם חור בסדין [translation] As long as we don’t do it with a hole in the sheet.

      I would hope though to encounter some of the deviant ones, perhaps the ones the Time’s article alluded to. Geez — what the hell’s wrong with me!

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