Published July 16, 2013 by Sandee


“Just because” bunny

Pehehe.  I didn’t know that when you unfriend someone on Facebook, you can no longer see them in the conversation stream of a mutual friend’s comment box — haha!  It’s like the person responding to them is talking to themselves — hahaha — like seeing a person dancing with themselves in the mirror.  But, in actuality they’re dancing with a vampire who doesn’t cast a reflection — tehehe!


I’ve only been on Facebook over a year and today was my first ‘unfriending’.  I’ve been threatening to do this a while.  I was infuriated by this person’s inflamatory, homophobic, racist  — this person happens to be black — and generally idiotic, delusional and bombastic comments, most of which I simply ignored if they happened to be in response to one of my posts.  With the exception of one instance where I told them that I was offended by what they had said, I held back on other occasions, when I really wanted to lash out and tell them what a fucking idiot they were.  When this happens more than a few times, they gotta go.

But I don’t mind a good natured Facebook debate, as long as there’s intelligence behind it and the discretion that comes with the tact and respect for anyone else happening to be viewing the conversation on a public wall.  This person would just flail all ass out — so I also didn’t want them offending my other Facebook Friends.

Believe me, I’m not on a moral high horse.  I just can’t endorse dumb.  And I’m no grade A number one spell-checker — no prize-winning grammar queen (There might even be errors in this.), but even this person’s bombastic rants contained high levels of misspellings, misquotes and grammatical comedies.  One of their comments in my stream was the size of a blog post — hahaha!  Ass!  This person was the most offensive Facebook personality I have ever seen, even more offensive than the person who posted a picture of anal sex flaming huge on my wall.  But I gave this other person another shot because he dismantled the ass shortly after.  Actually the ass was kind of hot, however I’m not on Facebook for porno.

But anyway — even the way we became Facebook friends was stupid.  I was manipulated.  Weird, right?  Well, I don’t need the numbers.  I’m no Facebook friend whore.

After quiet exclamations of  “What the fuck,”  “What an asshole,” and “I don’t believe you just said that,” I’d hover over the ‘unfriend’ option, just threatening to click it.

So, congratulations to me, today, yay!  No more assholes, hooray!

Have you unfriended any assholes?

25 comments on “Hehehehe.

  • I do so little with my personal FB page, that I’ve never had the honor. But it sounds like you did the right thing. By the way, I promise I’ll never post any images of anal sex on your wall…

  • I’ve unfriended a few assholes and doesn’t it feel great??! Know what else feels great? Blocking those friends of friends who aren’t your friends but make nasty, critical or offensive comments to you after you’ve commented on a friend’s FB wall. They can still do it, but you can’t see what they say so it’s like they don’t exist. Bwahahahaha!

    • It’s interesting to see that this is just a normal part of being on Facebook. I should hope not to have to do it again, but we’ll see… This person was a real beast and I think I waited too long, frankly. Hope you’re enjoying your day Stacie!

  • Sandee, I don’t know anything about Facebook but I know something about friends. This person doesn’t sound like a friend to you at all. I guess it’s the same thing as in “real life.” Sometimes you just gotta get away from those people who seem to wallow in negative energy. Doesn’t feel good being around them in whatever venue, huh? Hope you doing great, my friend!

    • Hi Brigitte! I’m doing pretty good! I hope you’re enjoying your summer! Yeah, I could write a post about the idiotic way we even became facebook friends — it was very strange. Maybe I will… Have a great day Brigitte!

  • FB is a strange thing – I have some real nutters who have befriended me – at first it is flattering and then when you read their drivel you think firstly why me? and secondly how do they find the mental capacity to breathe? Still – if you want to be my friend feel free!

    • Yeah, this guy was obnoxious — it even stressed me out thinking of how he would respond to some of my posts so I clicked the option where he couldn’t see the posts I didn’t want him to see, but I’m thinking, fuck this shit, why am I going through all this — that’s when I manned up and just unfriended him.

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