Mood Swings

Published June 23, 2013 by Sandee


I didn’t have a bad day today — but — ever have a day when you’re all, like, weeeeee!  But then something happens, and you’re all like, daaamn

I had this Peggy Lee album, and loved that these two songs on opposite sides of the spectrum were back and back — hahaha!

Weeeeeeeee!  “So take a deep breath, and throw away your pills!”

Daaaamn…  “If that’s all there is my friends, then let’s keep dancing, let’s drink up the booze, and have a ball, if that’s all there is.”

This song happened to me, “Is That All There Is.”  The part where her dad takes her to the circus.  Shortly after my parents divorced, Dad took me to the circus.  He wanted to look out after his ‘little girl’ — I was twenty.  It was so sad, that circus, and it reminded me of this song.

31 comments on “Mood Swings

    • Ahahahaha! Of course I love the Happy Birthday one with the open grave! But the Sorry I Put it in Your Butt One — primo! Oh yeah and the emo cake that cuts itself — hahahahaha! Thanks for sending me this link Mary!

    • You made me realize that I needed to change the first line of this post because I meant to say that “I didn’t have a bad day today, but”… It’s all in the phrasing!

  • Hey Sandee, I know about that kind of day. It sucks! I like that Mood is followed by –>Swings, life keeps moving…keep dancing until night becomes the day…look to the sun, take a deep breath and smile…you are loved.

  • Oh geeze, the second one is a downer, huh? It’s a good one, though. The only problem is her suggestions of dancing and breaking out the booze sound so depressing and desperate. Right? Someone kill me if that’s all there is. 😀
    Your dad taking you to the circus makes me so sad. Oh lord….

    Now the first one is my cup of tea. I love that song — it speaks to my happy soul. I feel like lately I’ve been having the roller coaster days, too, Sandee. I always feel nutty and bi-polar when I’m up and down. My kids just say one word, “Settle.” hahah!

    • I’m hoping that you ride out that wave Lisa, sans pills — hahaha! Life’s something ain’t it. I suppose I was born with somewhat of a dark side — I first fell in love with Is That All There Is when I was about six or seven, listening to it on my windowsill radio as a kid. I’d listen and look out of the window — what a weird little thing I was! Take care Lisa and I hope at least that you can enjoy the warmer weather now…

    • Ahahahahahaa! As I listened to it again at the time that I posted it, I’m thinking, damn, this is rather depressing! As I said above, I used to listen to this song when I was about six or seven and stare out of the window — so I suppose you could say this was the beginning of my love affair with dark music!

  • So many time I’ve had those. ‘I didn’t have a bad day today — Weeeeee! But then something happens’ Days.. I really like the first song, thanks for introducing me to the second one,

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