Facebook Rejection

Published May 17, 2013 by Sandee

Years ago, I told a friend that I would never go on Facebook.  If I wasn’t already talking to the people, I didn’t need to be interacting with them on Facebook.  I said I’d only be interested in contacting people from elementary school and my old babysitter — people from before adolescence. These people represent pivotal parts of my early development memory data.  Things got too complicated after adolescence.

I wanted to contact Margarita Fong, Yu Ching Wong and Suk Soo from P.S. 152 – and no, I didn’t go to school in China Town – I tell you that Suk Soo was rough.  She didn’t speak English well, but mess with her you’d see — she’d take on an attack stance and yell in her heavily accented voice, “You talk!  You talk!”  You’d run right outta there!  I would also like to contact Nina from kindergarten, Mary Lou, Zaida, David, and my fourth grade teacher Mrs. DePierro with the rotten teeth – though she’s gotta be dead now.

It was necessary for me to get immersed in social media to “market” Mean-Spirited Tales.  So here I am on Facebook.  I sent a couple of these people from the days of yore Facebook friend requests.  I haven’t heard back.  Except for my old babysitter and Mrs. DePierro, perchance they don’t recall me, as they were just babes themselves back then, and I’ve heard some people say they don’t remember anything before the age of ten.

That’s hard for me to believe since I have very early memories, though not as early as that guy who says he remembers coming out of his mother’s vagina – haha!  I remember not being able to walk and I remember someone changing my diaper — they put Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder on my butt.  Just after learning to walk, I waddled to my brother’s crib and snatched the pacifier out of his mouth.  I guess the crib was low and I had a high reach.

It might just be that the folks I’ve reached out to haven’t been fortunate enough to recall such nascent gems.  So I’ll just chalk the rejection off to “lack-of-memory-cognizance syndrome” and be done with it.


26 comments on “Facebook Rejection

  • haha! Your memories are way early!! “I guess the crib was low and I had a high reach.” LOL!!
    I don’t do Facebook anymore, not that I ever really did seriously. I would hate it when people from my past contacted me and then I would take the time to write them a good long letter back, and then I never hear from them again? WTF? It’s crazy. Why contact someone in the first place if you’re not planning on corresponding – at least pretend to volley the ball a few times. Sheesh. 😀

    • I know right!? I’ve had this memory of me taking my brother’s pacifier for a while but when writing this I’m thinking, how’s that even possible as cribs are usually high, especially back in the 60s? So I added the part about the low crib and high reach — hahaha!

      I’m still not quite used to Facebook socializing. The first few notes people sent gave me anxiety — I’d respond and we’d go back and forth but then I’d be thinking ohhhhkay, how’m I gonna end this now. But at least people should respond either way and do a bit of volleying as you say. I swore I was going to close my account in March, but I find that I’m a bit attached to it now. As someone jokingly said to someone else who was about to go on Facebook, “Don’t do it! We’re all prisoners here!” Ahahahaha!

  • My first memories are me at around 3 but I don’t remember any of my elementary teachers or anything. I have no desire to find anyone from then though. I guess I feel like my life was complicated by then lol

  • I have really early memories too, and I guess I just assume it’s normal to remember things that happened when I was barely out of diapers. That’s hardly the case, though, which I learned when i got together with an old high school friend last summer and she barely recalled a lot of the things i was eager to reminisce with her. Sometimes I’m embarrassed by the things I remember, but really, we are so lucky to have minds that are built in a way that nothing leaks out. Loved this post!

    • Thanks Emily! Like you, I’ve wanted to reminisce with some people who don’t remember any of the characters I’m talking about. But on the other hand — as I mentioned in my post — my adolescence was complicated so I think I zoned out a lot, so while of course I remember my teenaged years — hahaha — I don’t remember some of the ‘key players’ like my friends from back then do.

    • Thanks Shauna! — You know I’m glad you see the humor. I worry sometimes that I’m finding something funny that won’t translate to everyone else. Yeah, that’s my new phrase “lack-of-memory-cognizance syndrome” — haha!

  • Hi Sandee! It’s good to see you. I’m not sure where I’ve been?? I wouldn’t worry too much about these people, maybe they just don’t do the Facebook. Or, like you said, have a bad memory. Mine isn’t so good. I don’t remember anything until about 3rd grade! Hmm…anyway, I want to connect with you on Facebook! I hope you’re well.

    • Hey BF! Thanks for stopping by. My facebook page is under Sandee Harris. I also have a Mean-Spirited Tales facebook page.

      It’s so interesting what some people remember. I wonder how that all works. Well, as long as I remember all of the ‘good’ parts, I’ll be fine — hahaha!

  • I said the same thing as you, then I got FB just to see a picture of my BFF’s new BF that she was madly in love with, so I joined and instantly people starting adding me before I could delete my profile, then, I found my old BFF from elementary school! We lost touch as life progressed in our teens. Today, we still talk and see each other for coffee! I wish you well finding your old classmates!

  • I’m not very active on facebook. Plus, sending people friend request kind of scares me. I’m always worried that they’re going to be all “WTH? Who are you?”
    I’m going to chalk the next rejection off to “lack-of-memory-cognizance syndrome” 😀

  • I have a love/hate relationship with facebook. I’m basically on there for the games and that’s it. Haha it does sound like you went to school in China Town! Rough crowd you rolled with huh?
    Yeah some people don’t respond to people seeking them out. Happened to me, happens to everyone I think!

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