The planet over the condominium

Published May 16, 2013 by Sandee


At 2AM when it’s quiet and the delineations fade and compartments die,  unconfined, metaphors become clearer when I look up at the stars and planets I can’t identify.

I asked a friend what he thought that big star might be that comes out over the condominiums across the street at night.  “Uranus,” he said — haha!

Heaven Hell God the Devil.  In a muted way I believe every bit of it.

In bed at night, I imagine the mechanism in our brains that we have for survival that inspires us to be so colorful — the intuition that warns us in hyperbolic ways that shouldn’t really be taken so goddamned literally.  Nevertheless, they mean something–all the symbols.

For now, I like not knowing what that star or planet over the condominium is.

23 comments on “The planet over the condominium

  • Nice reflections on what’s going on up above, Sandee. Most nights I see very few stars, much less a planet in the dull black Manhattan night sky. But go to Vermont where the air is actually user-friendly and you can practically see entire galaxies.

    • Thanks LA! Yeah I know right!? In other states or even upstate ny for that matter, you can see so much more. We went cross country and it was amazing! I can just imagine Vermont. I like your phrase “user-friendly.” Here there’s so much light pollution — ugh!

  • First, it’s so good to see an email in my box with your name on it. Always.
    Love the night sky when it’s full of stars. It reminds me of the ocean in some ways – it’s so dark and mysterious and beautiful. I feel euphoric and expansive when I look up and see all those stars. I like Audra’s comment- the snow globe effect. Very cool.

    • I’m glad someone’s glad to see me!

      I like making comparisons between the vastness and mystery of the ocean and of the sky. It’s beautiful when the two meet at the horizon.

      The snow globe effect makes me think of a Twilight Zone episode, like maybe we are really just in some kid’s snow globe on another planet — hahaha! I had to take it there, sorry…

  • I never know what planets they are either. I always assume it’s Venus, but sometimes it’s Jupiter, depending on the time of year, and every so often it’s Mars. In any case, it’s a nice treat, having one of the planets visit like that, isn’t it?

    • As I’m reading your comment, I’m thinking what a dummy I am for not automatically assuming it’s Venus — but then you made me feel better mentioning the possibility of it being the other ones — whew! Actually, I did wonder about Mars or Venus — I don’t know — maybe even though I know nothing of astronomy, somewhere in the back of my head I knew not to assume?

    • Thanks Katherine — I’m glad you like this! Yes, this is true — I am in a similar place. Good to see you.

      I thought I should use my writing energy for short stories. But I was only able to finish up one — a short story from my collection that I decided to expand — I added about 8 more pages to Doody Lady which I realized wasn’t really fleshed out — that’s the thing with homemade books — haha! I started another short story from scratch but I’m stalled by life issues. I submitted the new Doody Lady to a couple of journals.

      I have a few things I’m juggling so I’ve slowed down on blogging, which takes a looooot of energy as you know. I hope all is well with you and hope you have a great weekend!

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