Get The Money First (fiction)

Published March 10, 2013 by Sandee

“You didn’t know?  You supposed to take the money, then have sex with him.”

“Yeah w-well, I, I asked him.  After.”

“And so — wait a minute — he said he’d give you half and then you’d have to give him a notarized I.O.U.?  Girrrrl…

“Noooo, he did not say he needed the I.O.U. to be notarized – just the plain I.O.U.  Would you leave me alone about this.  I messed up.  I know this.  I guess you should know all about the standards.  This was your career at one time, before you became, legitimate.”

“Yes, bitch, true.  At least could he fuck?”

I didn’t want to talk about it anymore.  Too embarrassing.

37 comments on “Get The Money First (fiction)

  • I like the assortment and filling in Sandee’s box of chocolates!
    While reading The Mean-Spirited Tales, I often wondered, where the heck’s she getting this crazy stuff from? riding the metro? friends? pure fiction? It doesn’t matter. You do it so well, never fail to make me laugh. I find composing and writing a dialog very difficult. Every time I try, it ends up nowhere, like the daily dialogs I keep with myself 😀 I believe people who are capable of it, has a proper mind.

    • Thank you Anette! I really appreciate that. And the kind words about my writing. I think you write really well in fact. The words that you chose to go along with your photography are so fitting and organic. Maybe you’re just choosing to focus most of your energy on the visual aspect of creation. Writing is hard work. Over the years you see how important it is to stick with your project and not get disenchanted. I have to trust that over time, after sculpting it, the writing will take shape. Even still it might be a piece of crap — hahaha!

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